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Meet Mumbai based Actress Khushboo Kankan who shares her Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet Mumbai based Actress Khushboo Kankan who shares her  Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Hello Mumbai News Entertainment Desk :

In our Entertainment Inspiring Actress series of Film Industry. Today we are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Actress who is known  for her remarkable and outstanding performance in the field of Entertainment who always believes in Women Empowerment. Yes we are talking about Khushboo Kankan, she shares her Entertainment journey with Hello Mumbainews.com reporter Janvi S. Panjwani

Since childhood, Khushboo Kankan had seen just one dream — to become an actress. Coming from Lucknow, it was not easy for her, so she  had to face many obstacles in between but she always believed in overcoming them and never ever had a thought of quitting.
To realize her dream she started working since the age of 18 and became independent because she never wanted to put pressure on her parents.

I believe it’s not the right thing to burden your parents to pursue your own dreams, stated Khushboo Kankan.

Khushboo Kankan started her career in working  in a news channel  named “ETV” in Lucknow and started saving money. After completing her graduation, she took admission in Amity Noida.

It was tough to convince her  family but that was only an excuse to leave Lucknow. Later, she quit her college and started modelling as that was the way to reach Mumbai
After three years experience  of modeling in various cities she got her first TVc Soon she got a chance with legendary actor Amitabh Bachan and then with Tiger Shroff.

Khushboo Kankan further added, “Living alone in Mumbai, all by yourself is very tough. Many times you lose your confidence and you feel confused but like my childhood I always believed that failures makes u stronger. Without a failure you won’t cherish your success!
Two years later, I got my first web series on channel Viu “Situationship”.
In the meanwhile, she also adjudged Top 50 models of India in 2020 and again in 2021.
she also did a role in Out of Live Season 2. and have done a web series on Hotstar and also currently doing theatre with the most amazing and talented director Mr Danish Hussain. “I believe theatre gives me discipline and keeps polishing my craft .”, she said.

“I also learnt dance, martial arts and I love playing football too. I feel working out is my meditation so I am highly into in fitness.
Well, the journey is not easy specially when you are all by your own coming from a totally different city with different background. It took me years to understand how to go about it still I get confused in many of my decisions but that’s how you learn and move ahead in life.”, she added.

News Compiled by Sejal Bhise


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