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Meet Mumbai based Aspiring Actress Esha Pathak who shares her Bollywood Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet Mumbai based Aspiring Actress Esha Pathak who shares her Bollywood Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Hello Mumbai News Entertainment Desk :

In our Entertainment Inspiring Actress series of Film Industry. Today we are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Actress who is known  for her remarkable and outstanding performance in the field of Entertainment who always believes in Women Empowerment. Yes we are talking about Esha Pathak, she shares her Entertainment journey with Hello Mumbainews.com reporter Janvi S. Panjwani

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my profile :-

I am Esha Pathak. I am actress,model, dancer, singer and I am learning violin also. My love for acting modeling and dancing is since from childhood. When I was kid that time I did not know about drama and play, but I always used to perform TV commercial, the advertisement, in programs in school or in society function. Learning dance from tv by observing actress, i learnt Bharatanatyam as well in college. And after that I used to keep participating in school and College.. drama, dance competition. I am doing theatre since my childhood to till now i did plays and mono acting in youth festival. Then did plays at national level and at international level competition. In all the 3 languages Hindi English Gujarati. And basically i am from Surat. So i was doing theatre there only ,mean while I was doing other work in event organiser company..since till then I did not realise that I wanna make my career in acting only..i was doing just as side hobby. But then finally I realise that I love acting so much and I am passionate about that .and I wanna pursue acting as a career. And then in 2008 I came to mumbai to attain the Anupam Kher’s Actors Prepare’s course. Bcoz i did not know anything about film industry..how to enter the film industry,!! I didn’t know what the audition means..so Actors Prepare’s institute taught us everything..i learnt a lot from there.and slowly by giving audition and working i learnt everything.. about audition..i didn’t know how to do make up..l learnt that too. Basically i learnt everything. Lived 1st time in vile Parle West pg. Alone. Bcoz my family was in Surat that time. And that time was amazing. I was completely enjoying. But when I 1st came to mumbai after the acting preparation
I did commercial Gujarati plays..with many known Gujarati producer director and Actors. Sanjay goradia,feroz bhagat, vipul Mehta. For 1 year continually i travel all over india for play’s shows. We did 300 successful shows.

But after that I felt that now I wanna do movies. I wanna work in front of camera. From there another journey began. But i was not getting work consistently..lot of auditions I gave and got rejected also for so many times..that time I was loosing hope, and wandering why I am not getting work when I am doing hard work for my career. Few years passed like that. Then i did commercial short film as lead in Cannes Film festival, for which I did not get any money. Still I choose to do that project..bcoz i know i will get experience to work in front of camera and I will learn many things. Then with the same director i did Hindi full length feature film named Bhumi as lead. And movie won many awards in prestigious film festivals. And now Bhumi movie is on so many digital platform, OTT platform, world wide.

But after that I was not getting work..and I felt I may need to work on myself more. And in 2016 August..i left social media. And detached myself from everything..even from acting. And spent time with just myself. And give complete focus on myself. I work on myself. Change my certain beliefs. Bcoz i was so obsessed with career..and it’s good. I know, but with me..what happened was i was not happy..i was not able to live in the present moment, not enjoying my life. I am so blessed. But i was not focusing on that. I was only thinking about career that.. until I get established career, i can’t b happy.
And that I was doing wrong,. When I took Break..divine , Universe whatever u call..send some world healrs in my life. Through u tube. Ralph smart, Sadhguru, mindvalley, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, BK Shivani, honey mam, pk consciousness. And many they have transformed my life completely for the better and best. I always used to do yoga and meditation. With this people I went more deeper in that. And yoga and meditation, pranayam has made my life more amazing. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. By the way i am doing yoga since I was in 8th STD.

I did yoga trainer certified course from Santacruz yoga institute. And now I certified yoga trainer as well. And I used to teach yoga as well.

After connecting with all these mentors i learnt to live in the present moment.. learnt to live moment by moment. And I learnt to enjoy the process..and my journey. Which i understood that my journey is unique and i stop comparing my life with anyone. I read the Secret Book. And learnt to be Grateful for everything. I am  feeling happy that I am using my precious time and energy in doing the work which I love the most. Pehle i was only thinking why I did not get that project..? And..all. I was not enjoying my work even though I was doing what I love. So that I had to learn. To learn how to enjoy the process. And when I did that, I got P C Chandra Jewellers Ad as Lead. , Did another role in movie, did lifestyle photo shoot, did commercial bollywood movie as one of the lead. Did another photo shoot. And yaa before that when I came mumbai did my 1st ever portfolio photo shoot. And then after few months did another photo shoot. And then another. Feeling proud of myself..and focusing on my journey that how far I have come. And I will go more far.


Doing theatre since 3 years. Done plays at national level and at international level. Done plays in Hindi, English Gujarati.

Did corporate short film.

Did short film in Cannes film festival as lead. Named Devil’s Paradise.

Recently did full length Hindi feature film as lead. Named. Bhumi. Running various film festival.

Recently did another short film

Recent print photo shoot of yoga.

Learned classical dance Bharatnatyam

My Works :

Bhumi movie – RELEASE UPDATE

Flixbug – INDIA

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Contact No. : 7410150793 / 9821553881 / 2240025625

News Compiled by :- Sejal Bhise 


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