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Meet Mumbai based Dr Heena Jindani, M.D. Homeopath she shares her professional journey on Doctors’Day

Meet Mumbai based Dr Heena Jindani, M.D. Homeopath she shares her professional journey on Doctors’Day

In celebration of Doctors’ Day 2022, we are highlighting the inspiring stories of doctors’ from different fields. They are creating a meaningful impact in the medical field. We hope their inspiring stories will inspire all. So guys, read on:

Welcome to my Profile,

Hello, Myself Dr Heena Jindani, M.D. Homeopath practising at Behram Baug-Jogeshwari West and Parle East. I am practising since 2011.
Getting into medical field was always my dream and I entered Homeopathy by chance, which has proven a blessing for me even though I always wanted to be a Dentist.
I was inspired to become Dentist as I would frequently accompany my mother to a Dentist and would always be in awe of it. But as it is said I was chosen one to practise Homeopathy and as I saw wonderful results with these sweet pills my interest just grew more to learn it in depth. As a child I would always enjoy the sweet pills. Little did I knew that I would be the one prescribing it by God’s grace.
My Journey was a roller coaster ride as I had started with the intention of becoming a Dentist and applied for the same and at the last minute landed in Homeopathy college. Life of a medical student is filled with lot of hard work, dedication, discipline and sacrifice. The never ending academic study and the exhaustive medical training which involves many sleepless nights. It is journey from being a naive to a highly responsible person who has to handle the precious lives of patients and bring back a smile on their face.
The part I enjoy the most being a Doctor is how we touch so many different and beautiful human lives by our medical as well as speaking skills. The words we speak can have huge impact on patient’s life which can make or break them. In fact even doctors get touched by the patient’s life and many prove as an inspiration to us to do our best for them. The kind gesture, words and compliments are our fuel to keep going.
Being a Homeopath is a great learning experience each day as every individual is different in their own way and so the way to manage it is always different and unique.
I have treated plenty of Hormonal problems, skin diseases and child related health issues. I have written my M. D. thesis on Skin diseases in Paediatric age group, which includes plenty of case studies and statistics related to it. I manage pathological heart and kidney disease as well with Homeopathy and Modern medicine as such advanced diseases need it.
For all, who wish to enter this Amazing field, I would say be ready for lot of hard work and patience to yield the most beautiful results and blessings from this field.
I would choose to become a Pilot if not in medical field as it carries lot of responsibility to fly everyone to their respective destination and to travel and explore the world.
For maintaining balance between professional and personal life it requires a great family support system which I am blessed with. A doctor’s family also has a lot of hardships to bear to make us who we are, without which nothing is possible.
I am proud and chosen one in this medical field and would like to wish all my colleagues a very Happy Doctor’s Day. Covid has made many people realise the value of Doctors as Superheroes in their life and had it’s own advantage for the medical field in the ways of Teleconsultation thereby reaching every patient with ease and comfort.

Dr Heena Jindani
M.D. Homeopath
Mobile 9819723743/ 8169102679.
Instagram- @holistic_homeopathy_healer
Google- https://g.co/kgs/a4XQME


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