Meet Mumbai based Entrepreneur Priyanka Agrawal, the Logo Analyst, read her Success Story here

Meet Mumbai based Entrepreneur Priyanka Agrawal, the Logo Analyst, read her Success Story here

Shine like a Supernova and leave an impression on the world!

In our Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 Series, we are introducing a very dynamic and visionary woman who believes in hard work. Her work has gained very much popularity in Mumbai. We are talking about Priyanka Agrawal who has been leaving impressions around the globe with her logos.


Our New Series “Most Influential Entrepreneur 2024 is dedicated to Women Entrepreneur who are engraving remarkable impressions all over the world
with their skills and abilities!

Let’s have a look at her success in Odyssey

Starting up a business but still thinking on to get your logo design, don’t
worry we have got your back, Meet Priyanka Agrawal, the Logo Analyst from Inner Insights. Priyanka has an extraordinary passion for making logos and making you shine!

Imagine this, a world where colors, sacred geometry, and typography come together to tell captivating stories. Well, that’s exactly what she does as a Logo Analyst!
“ Creating a logo is not on anyone’s priority list when building a new business.
Among high-quality products, positive referrals, and branding, people even doubt if they need a logo at all for a good business,” says Priyanka. However, she further said that, in any company, a logo depicts the core values and what it endeavors to offer. If a Logo is executed properly it ensures that the company is recognized and remembered.
Priyanka With 5 years of experience in decoding the secrets of logos, is here to unravel the mysteries and transform any ordinary designs into extraordinary brand

Priyanka Says #MyWorkIsMySwabhiman, It’s my superpower and my ability to see
beyond the surface and uncover the hidden meanings behind logos. From being
sophisticated to bold and playful, she dives into the depths of each logo, extracting
the essence and making it unique. But wait it doesn’t stop here!

As a Logo Analyst, I am not just a detective of design, I am a strategic partner for
businesses. I bring a fresh perspective and a dash of fun to the table, ensuring that
your logo not only looks amazing but also speaks directly to your target audience.
A perfectionist, who loves purity, simplicity, and beauty always has time for clients
with whom she sits together in the creative journey of making logos which is filled
with laughter, brainstorming sessions, and, high-fives when a perfect logo is created
that captures the brand’s essence.
So, if you are ready to turn heads, make an impact, and have a blast along the way,
Connect with her for logo consultations, design assessments, or simply to dive into
the wonderful world of logos. Remember, a logo is more than just a pretty picture; it’s a symbol of your personality and a gateway to success. Get your logo done in the right way!

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