Home Hello Womeniya Meet Shea Panchal Mumbai based Gujarati Entrepreneur & founder of Crafty Shea,read her success story here

Meet Shea Panchal Mumbai based Gujarati Entrepreneur & founder of Crafty Shea,read her success story here

Meet Shea Panchal  Mumbai based Gujarati Entrepreneur &  founder of Crafty Shea,read her success story here

Wish you a very happy New year from Hello Mumbai News Team!

On the occasion of New year In our  Entrepreneur of the year 2024 Series in this Episode we are introducing before you a very dynamic and visionary woman who believes in hard work and because of her good work she is very much popular in Mumbai .Yes we are talking about Shea Panchal, the founder of Crafty Shea

Our New Series “Most Influential Gujarati Entrepreneur 2024 is dedicated to Gujarati Women Entrepreneur who are engraving
remarkable impressions all over the world with their business skills and marketing abilities!

Meet…..Let’s have a look at her Success Odyssey

Start-up Details:
Startup Name: Crafty Shea 
Founder: Shea Panchal 
Category: Art 
Headquarter: Mumbai

Shea Panchal, the founder of Crafty Shea, has made a significant mark in the world of handmade crafts, showcasing her creativity and passion for traditional Indian crafts with a modern twist. With six years of experience in the field, Shea has become a celebrated artist, pioneering new approaches to decorative arts.

Specializing in a wide range of crafts, including Resin Art, Quilling, Envelopes, Cards, Customized photo frames, Serving Tray, Gift Bow, Gift Tag, Bookmarks, Resin Bookmark, Love showpiece, showpieces, Shub-Labh, Customized Heart shape showpiece, Serving trays, Coasters, Key chains, Flower pots, Cake stands, Clay Customized envelopes, Cards, Customized gift hampers, Designer Diyas, and more, Shea’s repertoire is both diverse and impressive.

Her mission is to give traditional Indian crafts a modern twist, resulting in pieces that are not only visually appealing but also fun and functional. She believe that creativity should be unleashed, explored, and expressed is reflected in her craft, which is marked by the ability to express emotions and capture memories, moods, and feelings in unique ways.

The recognition Shea has received is a testament to her skill and dedication. Winning national and international awards, including gold prizes, highlights the exceptional quality and uniqueness of her craft. Shea’s work has been acknowledged with the Hastaksharr Kalatmak Hast Kaam Puraskar in 2022 and the Hastaksharr Kala Ratna in 2023..

Shea emphasizes that her work is deeply rooted in ancient craft practices, infused with Indian culture, and designed for a contemporary feel. Her creations appeal to both the discerning eye and the human heart, showcasing how Indian crafts can be integrated into everyday life, offering not just aesthetic value but also a source of meaning.

In Shea’s own words, #MyWorkIsMySwabhiman, emphasizing the pride and fulfillment she derives from her craft. Her success story serves as an inspiration for those who aspire to blend tradition with innovation, creating art that is not only visually captivating but also culturally meaningful.

She is courageous!
She challenges Mediocrity
She stands for what she believes in
She is a True Diva!

She can be connected on:
Shea Panchal Inspiring young Gujarati Entrepreneur who believes
Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself
Well Crafted – Crafty Shea!





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