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    Meet Mumbai based Meena C Shah, An Inspiring Gujarati Entrepreneur & Founder of Starchild Education and Learning

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    Let’s have a look at our “Diva In Spot Light”  Meena C. Shah

    Mrs. Meena C Shah is a passionate and dedicated educator with 42 years in the academic field.

    Apart from being a teacher, she is also a curriculum planner and an author of two series of Olympiad workbooks for children and other practice workbooks.

    She is the founder of Starchild Education and Learning (www.starchild.in), an online gamified portal that helps parents make learning and revision fun for their children.

    Starchild’s most important and most useful tool is Mission PlaytoLearn. Here, children learn through interactive fun worksheets which are completely based on the ICSE and CBSE school syllabus. These are Grades 1 to 7 in the subjects of Math, Science, English Language, and Social Studies.

    Starchild also conducts several unique workshops for children.

    1 Children are happy learners at the GroovyBrains – Revise and Rock Classes as they learn with a teacher who helps them solve Starchild’s fun sheets in all school subjects. The teacher even solves all obstacles and challenges along the way.

    This workshop ignites children’s joy of learning while strengthening their neural pathways. Children save much time for play and creativity too as they cover many subjects and topics in a short time!

    This is for children in Grade 1 to 5. (ICSE & CBSE boards)

    2 The Spunky Spellers Workshop helps children learn the various rules of spelling and conquer all difficulties in spelling. This is beyond phonics.

    From fun spelling games to practical tips and tricks, our workshop covers everything your child needs to know to improve their spelling skills. This workshop goes beyond phonics.

    This is for all children in Grades 1 to 5.

    3 Limitless Learners is another very valuable workshop that is designed to help kids develop a positive outlook on life and become more confident in themselves. It also develops resilience and better problem-solving skills.

    This workshop is conducted using very interesting hands-on and practical activities.

    This is for all children in Grades 4 to 12.

    4 Starchild’s Olympiad Preparation Classes support and guide children to ace the Olympiads. We train them in the subjects of Math, Science and English. They are immensely proud to announce that two of her students achieved gold medals this year.

    This is for all children in Grades 1 to 7.

    5 Starchild is now venturing into FunNLearn Tutoring Classes. Children will learn through fun games. This will help them enjoy learning and thus, they will be motivated to learn. This is by NEP 2020. This is for all children in Grades 1 to 7.

    Meena C. Shah
    Founder, Starchild Education and Learnin

    Awarded Womennovator’s 1000 Faces of Asia 2021
    Proud winner of PIFA 2020 for upcoming Kids’ Education Entrepreneur
    Hastaksharr Gyaneshwari 2019

    Meena C Shah, An Inspiring Gujarati Entrepreneur

    Meena Shah’s expertise is truly… Engraving A Mark.Achieving.Attaining.Gaining.Influencing.& Truly Inspiring!

    She is courageous!
    She challenges Mediocrity
    She stands for what she believes in

    Website: www.starchild.in
    Facebook: Starchild Education and Learning
    Instagram: Starchild Education and Learning
    Linkedin: Meena C. Shah
    Social Media link:



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