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Meet Mumbai based Sangeeta Babani ( Artist, Muralist & Sculptor) honoured with Social Entrepreneur of the year 2024

Meet Mumbai based Sangeeta Babani ( Artist, Muralist & Sculptor) honoured with Social Entrepreneur of the year 2024


Wish you a very happy New year from Hello Mumbai News Team!

On the occasion of New year In our Social Entrepreneur of the year 2024 Series in this Episode we are introducing before you a very dynamic and visionary woman who believes in Social Service and because of her good work she is very much popular in Mumbai and across Globe.Yes we are talking about Mumbai based Sangeeta Babani ( Artist, Muralist & Sculptor)   She shared her success story with us and so guys don’t waste your time and read on this.

Introduction  Sangeeta Babani ( Artist, Muralist & Sculptor)

Sangeeta grew up in the south of Spain where she completed her formative and higher education. She has meticulously meshed both cultures of India and Spain in her paintings. She has exhibited her paintings at the prestigious and iconic Jehangir Gallery in Mumbai in addition to shows in India, London, Paris and Dubai

This artist’s musings veer from figurative  to semi-abstract depiction, surrealism  to  semi realism,  as the mood takes her. There are no straight answers and that is the beauty of life, is her firm belief and this philosophy is celebrated in her canvases with an exuberance of colour and joie de vivre.

She loves expressing her creativity on cars too and her work on metal is as reflective of her influences as that on canvas.

She is very well known for her vibrant palette and has brought a unique dimension to Art by being amongst the first to use Cars as her canvas

She was the first Artist selected by Tata Motors to transform the Nano into an iconic work of Art in 2012. Since then Babani has gone to work with BMW’s, Jeep, Mercedes Benz & Audi Cars

She also showcased her versatility by taking Art outside the traditional gallery space, in 2016, she showcased an 18 feet Installation called The Lost Art.

The accomplished Artist was awarded for her Contemporary work in Paris ( France) in 2017

Hello Mumbai News: What led you to Start the campaign Mumbai beautification with BMC ?

Sangeeta Babani : Well I always believed that art  should go beyond galleries and it should be in public spaces as art has no boundaries and it must be viewed by the common man too. I was delighted when I got an opportunity to be part of the Mumbai Beautification Projects, starting with Bandra Reclamation where I painted a 150 feet long Mural, “The inspiration and concept had to go with the surroundings of the area.“The Arabian sea is close by and we have beautifully landscaped Nature

around; these became an integral part of this composition.” This was Sponsored by S Raheja

The second Project with the BMC, this time sponsored by Notandas Realty was a sculpture that was installed at Pali Hill, Bandra in February 2023, titled Quest for Knowledge. Present at the Unveiling were  Dia Mirza, Asif Zakaria and Vinayak Vispute.

The Third Project done was in May 2023 where I along with my team painted a 900 feet long mural at Milan Subway Flyover in lieu for G20 happening at the that time – which offers those heading to the airport a free Mumbai Darshan spanning the Gateway of India, the Asiatic Society, Marine Drive, BMC headquarters, Haji Ali, Sea Link etc.

Hello Mumbai News: What type of message you want to convey to the people on New year

Sangeeta Babani : most alluring quality of Art is to question our preconceptions about the roles we consciously and subconsciously play in life.

Through my works I want to send a message that life comes out of our mind – thoughts mould the world in a direct form through actions and feelings that accumulate and combine with each other and form what surrounds us, why not surround ourselves with Love??

Hello Mumbai News: What is your piece of advice to new comers those want to become Artist, painter and social Entrepreneur

Sangeeta Babani :  The best advice for someone who wants to be an artist exclusively interested in fine art is to focus on developing their skills, finding their unique artistic voice, and creating a strong portfolio. It’s important to study the work of master artists, experiment with different mediums and techniques, and seek out opportunities to exhibit and share their work. Building a network within the art community, seeking mentorship, and continuing to learn and grow as an artist are also crucial for success in the fine art world.

Hello Mumbai News:What are the most important qualities for a successful social Entrepreneur?

Sangeeta Babani :  There is no one formula for success as a social entrepreneur, but there are certainly some qualities that all successful social entrepreneurs share.

They are passionate about their cause and have the drive to see it through, even in the face of challenges.

They are also creative problem-solvers, always looking for new and innovative ways to tackle the issues they care about.

But above all, successful social entrepreneurs are passionate about making a difference. They believe in the power of their ideas to change the world, and they are willing to put in the hard work required to make those ideas a reality.

Hello Mumbai News: What are your top tips for women Social Entrepreneur who are looking to improve?

Sangeeta Babani :  Entrepreneurs don’t just have ideas, they have vision. Challenge yourself by exploring and testing your ideas. Many entrepreneurs have achieved their purpose and goal by setting a strong and clear vision, and by pursuing it.

Hello Mumbai News: Professionaly, whats your goal?

Sangeeta Babani : As an Artist, you hope your work is collected by people and institutions who will protect and honor it.

with an archiving system, you can track where your art ends up and who owns it, so the future generations can understand the life of your artwork. Your work can continue to provide a message after you are gone.

Hello Mumbai News: Future plans?

Sangeeta Babani: I have a few projects coming up in association with BMC. I would like to be part of many more public spaces and murals across the country where my art is reached and appreciated by everyone.








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