Meet Mumbai’s Fashion Entrepreneur Farheen Khan who is founder of Jafarheens Wardrobe Fashion Brand

Meet Mumbai’s Fashion Entrepreneur Farheen Khan who is founder of Jafarheens Wardrobe Fashion Brand

Mumbai has contributed numerous women entrepreneurs who step into the world of successful Entrepreneurs particularly in the field of Fashion and Lifestyle.

Successful Indian women entrepreneurs fire the flames of determination, self-confidence, and positivity.

Aiming to establish an empire, so quit the mission of legacy – Indian women Entrepreneurs respect this sentence fully.

The inspiring success stories of all the famous Indian women entrepreneurs are very engaging and interesting.

Dress Designing is a paying profession and today the people including today’s youth keep pace with the time in going for dresses which are in vogue.

To get into detail of the craze for Pakistani Dresses, Janvi S. Panjwani Hello News interacted with the Fashion Entrepreneur Farheen Khan.

Excerpts of the interview:

Janvi: Hi Farheen Mam, Welcome to Hello Mumbai News. Could you please throw some light on your Company?

Farheen: Hi Janvi, Thank you and it’s a pleasure interacting with you. Well, coming to your question on my company, let me tell you that I commenced my journey at a very tender age i.e. when I was merely 12 year’s old. On this forthcoming Ramzan, I will be completing 12 successful years in this company.

Going into detail, I deal in original Pakistani suits. I have invested my own money in these clothes as I never stretch my hands before my family for any monetary assistance. And this is my original Pakistani clothes not a facsimile. My Pakistani Dress Collections are in very much demand in Mumbai.

Janvi :- What type of fabric material do you use in your clothes ?

Farheen : Primarily I use Lawn and or Chiffon. Because today, Pakistani Designer Suits have become a popular trend in India. The alluring colours, light weight and excellent fabric quality have made them a delight to wear and own.
A blend of traditional artistry and modern design is what makes Pakistani Designer Suits rooted as well as fashion forward.

Janvi:- Mam, could you enlighten on your username in instagram and Facebook so that people could locate you?

Farheen :- Yes. My Instagram username is: pakistani_originalsuitsmumbai and Facebook username is Jafarheens Wardrobe which has thousands of followers.

Janvi:- Tell something about Jafarheens Wardrobe to our audience ?

Farheen: Basically my company’s name is Jafarheens Wardrobe.
As my husband’s name is Jafar Khan and my name is Farheen Khan so we decided to christen our company name as Jafarheens Wardrobe. Our Brand is not only popular in India but also in Abroad.

Janvi:- Mam, if I am not hurting your sentiments Why you only go in for Pakistani clothes? Any specific reason attached to it.

Farheen: Not at all. For Your kind information it’s now a trend and many people prefer pastel color clothes. Pakistani dresses are very much popular and in demand in all Metro Cities of our Country.

Janvi:- What is the speciality attached to your brand ?

Farheen:- I have Pakistani Dresses which i sell them here in India. Infact I am the youngest woman entrepreneur. Secondly,in fashion industry people trust me for my Brand Quality.

Janvi:- Mam, who supported you the most ?

Farheen:- My husband and my mother supported me the most . Both of them always encouraged and supported in my business and in my entrepreneur journey.

Janvi :- How do you foresee your future plans?

Farheen : For your kind information, I am launching my website this week. And very soon we plan to launch a Boutique too .

So this the charismatic Farheen Khan a Fashion Entrepreneur  whose Boutique will see the light of day very soon.

For more details visit the website :-

Pictures of Jafarheens Wardrobe Collection
Pictures of Jafarheens Wardrobe Collection



File Picture of Farheen Khan the owner of Jafarheens Wardrobe


News Input by: Janvi S. Panjwani

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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