Home Hello BMC Meet Neha Ankit Mumbai based Content writer, Story Teller, and founder of Hastkshla , read her sucess story here

Meet Neha Ankit Mumbai based Content writer, Story Teller, and founder of Hastkshla , read her sucess story here

Meet Neha Ankit Mumbai based Content writer, Story Teller, and founder of Hastkshla , read her sucess story here

In our Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 Series in this Episode, we are introducing before you a very dynamic and visionary woman who believes in hard work and because of her good work, she is very popular in Mumbai. Yes we are talking about Neha Ankit Kadakia a Writer by profession who has
co-authored books in Gujarati, Hindi & English.

Our New Series “Most Influential Gujarati Entrepreneur 2024 is dedicated to Gujarati Women entrepreneurs who are engraving remarkable impressions all over the world with their business skills and marketing abilities!
Let’s have a look at her successful journey…

Neha a Creative writer, Storyteller, Poetess, Content writer, and author of the comic Handbook by Cyber Security Foundation started her writing journey with social media content for brands, taglines, and brand stories.
She had written various articles for for Gujarati Midday Local Bulletin (Santacruz, Vile-parle, Andheri) on food and fashion.
Writing Poetry, different contents, taglines, stories, and speech writing are Neha’s forte. She believes that if you want to write something you need to attract that positive energy.

Her stories “Tales Of Ganesha And Me” are quite popular with their interesting content and message keeping readers enthralled!

Being an Eco-Warrior, She preaches and advocates Recycling, Upcycling in short adopting a sustainable lifestyle!
Her interest does not stop here she is also a Handloom Enthusiast, a Batik artist, and a Preacher of Archaeological Marvels of #SuvarnaBharat

In every aspect of her writing journey, Neha has come across immense opportunities and recognition which has added value to her life. Being a writer has enabled her to unleash hidden talent.
She says “I just let my thoughts raft through an unreached horizon that touches the unspoken emotions as every thought is determined by its Caste, Creed, Age, Maturity, and Soul.

Her outstanding multi-lingual work has appeared in several anthologies including Delete, Log-Off, Shut Down Corruption and Labyrinth Of Relationships, and Story Through My Eyes. She is also a Global Peace Ambassador and Founder Of Hastaksharr Self-Made Divas Podium.

Her poem: “Artistically Incredible!”

Priming my wandering mind
Plunging deep inside
For some real inventiveness
Not to be mediocre, but a real ace
Today I am acquainted with my purpose in live
Not merely exist.
I manifest charm with proven ability
For I am empowered to extract
Shadows of divine perfection
I intend not just to portray
But to evoke, a melange of spontaneous connections

My Meraki are soothsayers
I withhold power to hypnotize withhold power to mesmerize
I don’t just work with my hands
For am not, a laborer
I don’t work with my heart & hands
For am not a craft woman
I create with my heart, hand & soul
For I am an Artist
With profound magic
Word after word, primordially eternal!!

Neha Ankit Kadakia

She can be connected on :

Hastaksharr Insta

Neha Insta

Hastaksharr Page

Hastaksharr Group



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