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Meet Sadhna Jain President of Inner Wheel Club of Vapi District 306, who shares her Service Project

Meet Sadhna Jain President of Inner Wheel Club of Vapi District 306, who shares her Service Project

Women Social entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
Entrepreneurs are those adventurous, daredevils who drive deep into the pressing problems of society and try to find solutions to them, not by leaving the responsibilities in the reins of the government or business, but by trying to change systems as a whole and persuading societies to take new initiatives

In our Social Entrepreneur series today We are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Social Entrepreneur of Vapi for her remarkable and outstanding performance in social  field particular in Inner Wheel Club  who always believes in Women Empowerment and Social Entrepreneurship . Yes we are talking about President of Inner Wheel Club Vapi District 306, Sadhna Jain, she shared her Service and Charity Project with Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Priyanka Yadav

Brief Introduction of IWC :

International Inner Wheel Club is an international women’s  Social organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members.IWC has very strong presence in India. It has more than 3000 thousands clubs in Urban and rural India. Since the Covid 19 Pandemic breaks out Inner wheel club launched charity campaign worldwide. In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this Episode we are introducing very popular face of IWC, she doesn’t need any kind of Introduction.

Key highlights of Service Projects :

Project 1 :

10th January
International Inner Wheel day.
Celebrated with 100 hundred children in Anganwadi. celebrated this new year differently.

The meaning of the word ‘Anganwadi’ in the English language is “courtyard shelter”. The word Anganwadi is derived from the Hindi word “Angan”, it refers to the courtyard of a house.

The reason it was named so – is because the child won’t feel it’s outside of the house – at such a tender age when you leave kids on the pure trust of teachers it should be a secure and protected place.

The anganwadi project that the Inner wheel club has taken up is a beautiful project designed to help and upliftment of those underprivileged kids and give the mothers along with the children- development programmes helping improve their education and standard of living.

There are Two Anganwadi in Silvassa reconstructed by KLJ Plasticisers ltd. In Anganwadi there are 100 kids from 6 months to 5 years old. They are very poor. One of them 6 months baby she lost her parents in corona. Her Grandmother is taking care.

We donated Toys, Biscuit, Fruits, Bournvita, Amul milk packet, Bedsheets.

Project 2 :

The Innerwheel Club of Vapi, takes immense pleasure in bringing the change we all want to see in the society and environment that we live in.

As rightly said, Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world

We would like to present our project – ‘Making a sculpture from Eco- bricks’
We all know that plastic bags are non-biodegradable and take hundreds of years to decompose in the soil. These bags have become hazardous to all life forms on the planet.
The smaller plastic items are even more dangerous as they get eaten by our animals and thereby causing a threat to their lives.

To overcome this threat to our environment, we decided to create awareness in our society in whichever way we can do it, either small or big. Eco bricks is nothing but replacing our original bricks with plastic bottles.

To make these bottles sturdy, we have filled them with tiny plastic items, example chocolate wrappers. By doing this, we are not only reusing the plastic bottles, which otherwise gets dumped in oceans , but also the smaller plastic items gets collected thereby saving the animals from eating them.

If every household of our country starts doing this, we are sure we will leave a happy and a sustainable environment for our future generations.

We have installed a sculpture of a fish which is trapped with plastics inside its body to create the awareness in our town. The sculpture is installed at one of the busiest hospitals of Vapi, Haria Hospital, so that more and more people see it and incorporate this practice of Eco-Bricks in their lifestyle as well. Let’s make this a better planet and save the other species from being extinct.

This project would not have happened without the support we have received from the Industries here. Our heartfelt gratitude to the Huber group for sponsoring this project and helping us take a step forward in making our city Vapi, plastic free, beautiful and clean.

Project 3 :



Is an institution for the speechless animals.
Sponsored 82000/-

Project 4 :

We visited helping hand.
Sherose – old age home.
BENEFICIARY – 40 old person
EXPENSES – 35000/-

Project 5 :

Inner Wheel Yoga : Saturday, 29 January @ 10 am. 45 minutes of simple asana and pranayama practice to awaken the body and calm the mind. Offered for free and led in English. Dress comfortably and arrive on time. All are welcome!

Stephanie Jain is a Yoga instructor and therapist in the Krishnamacharya tradition. She has been practicing since 2012, and currently lives in Singapore.

About Inner wheel District 306 :

District Chairman (2021 – 2022) :

Sushma Agarwal

This District is one of the most important District of Inner Wheel India which covers big cities and districts of Gujarat such as Surat, Anand, Vapi, Navsari, Junagadh ,  and Dhule District of Maharashtra. Dis 306 performed well during pandemic and did many charity projects during Lockdown.



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