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Meet Sakshi Ayachit Bhopal based Reki Grandmaster shares her successful journey in Reki Healings

Meet Sakshi Ayachit Bhopal based Reki Grandmaster shares her successful journey in Reki Healings

Sakshi Ayachit Bhopal based Reki Grandmaster. She specialises in healing, intuitions, affirmations and meditation.

She is into touch therapy and distant healing all over the World. She owns a Reiki Centre under the name and style as Prathmeshwar Reiki Research Centre. She keeps all identities of clients as strictly confidential. Now-a-days, healing with the help of Universal Divine powers proves helpful to get rid of negativity be it a person, shop, office, etc.

Candidly Sakshi reveals that with the help of Reiki one may resolve all kinds of problems such as body arthritis, osteoporosis waist pain migraine and many mental diseases like Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PCOD, etc. and other problems viz. job relationship, marriage, etc. Infact, one can get rid of bad habits like smoking and alcoholism with the help of Reiki.

She is into Reki healing since 4 years ago and found the result of her clients on their diseases job problems mental problems as well as treatment towards unsolvable supernatural problems.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic her Rekì Healing proved helpful and it struck in her mind that can work wonders.

It is very easy to confront with divine powers with positive mind through Reiki healing. Reki Healing can balance conscious and subconscious mind and through meditation one can balance chakras of bodies and control hormonal misbalance one can become physically mentally fit like a sant.

She also teaches to take help from divine powers. Reiki courses are divided into four different parts online as well as offline. Teaching should be done with the help of audio and video of the topics.
First – degree Reiki 15 days.
Second Degree duration 20 days.
3rd A degree duration 15 days master degree.
3rd B degree duration 30 days grand mastership.
Meditation techniques seven days.
Intuition course 20 days.
Affirmation course 20 days.

All the courses contain theory as well as practicals. Classes are going online on Google meet and offline also. As we started learning Reiki first degree we can experience instant changes in our physical problems we can learn touch therapy self and other treatment. Aura cleaning, what is aura? Chakras in details and symbolic reiki in second and third degree. All the courses and healing should be chargeable differently one can contact me for Reiki healings &intuitions (job, relationship, property disputes, domestic disputes, marriage).

For more details Reki Grandmaster Sakshi Ayachit is accessible on
WhatsApp Mobile Number: 99 266 7 1689
Email ID: sakshiayachit02@gmail.com
STEP-1 https://forms.gle/7tmAGxkB5z7HskpT9
STEP-2 https://chat.whatsapp.com/L5SdzLTKJrm72CS8IRROuz

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