Meet Sangita Konar Canada based Indian super model and Actress who shares her Inspirational Journey


    Sangita Konar is an international beauty pageant winner, supermodel who has become an inspiration to many women. due to her numerous achievements as a Queen , Model and Actress. As a Queen , Model/Actress, she is representing her Country, global community and contributing towards the best for the global community and society. Sangita Konar (International Super Model/Actress/ Beauty Queen) (Winner Beauty Pageant in Canada 2020, Winner India’s Next Super Model 2021, Maharashtra Icon 2021, Grand Asia Queen2022)

    Location : CANADA

    Award Category : International Super Model/Actress/ Beauty Queen (Winner Beauty Pageant in Canada 2020, Winner India’s Next Super Model 2021, Maharashtra Icon 2021, Grand Asia Queen2022)

    Sangita Konar :

    International Super Model, Actress, and International Beauty Pageant Winner in Canada 2020-2021, Winner India’s Next Super Model 2021, “Grand Asia Queen 2022”, “Maharashtra Icon 2021” Celebrity, Queen Sangita Konar is born and brought up in India and currently living in Canada. She belongs to a highly educated and famous Doctor family. According to her background She has done a Master Degree in Information Technology Studies from Australia. She is a highly educated lady. She has an excellent academic background as well as following her own passion. According to her corporate career , she worked for different organizations. . She loves travelling and she has travelled to different countries in the world. Sangita has an attractive personality with a great sense of style and fashion. She has taken her professional training in modelling and acting from Canada, Australia and the U.S.

    As an International Super Model and Actress, she has been working for Short Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Magazine Shoot, Calendar Shoot, E-Commerce Shoot in CANADA and INDIA. As a Mode/Actress she has been working for various modelling and acting projects in Canada and India. She is also a Cover Model for many International Fashion Magazine Worldwide. As a Cover Model, she has been published in the USA, Canada, India, France, Germany, Russia.

    She is also winner of” “India’s Next Super Model 2021″ , “Grand Asia Queen 2022” and Won the title “Ms Gorgeous Star Faces Of India 2021”, she also got Title and Crown for “Glamorous Look” for Gold Diva Contest 2021. She is also winner “Maharashtra Icon 2021”

    She has received many National and International awards. She got” Best Model Award 2021” from Paris, France . She has been published as “ Most Influential Woman in the World” by leading International USA based Fashion Magazine. She has received “VGAARGA Award as International Model 2021”. She has been selected for Glantor X Top 100 Women Leadership Award 2022 and She has been chosen for SDP TOP INTERNATIONAL ICONIC WOMEN AWARD OF 2022

    She was also selected as a judge of Talent Show . She has been honoured as “Show Stopper” and “International Celebrity Guest” .



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