Meet Smita Ghosh Ahmedabad based Social Entrepreneur who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey on Women’s Day

Meet Smita Ghosh Ahmedabad based Social Entrepreneur who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey on Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day from Hello Mumbai Team

Every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day across the world to promote women’s rights and honour their achievements across the political, economic, social and cultural spheres.

This day is a reminder of the grit and determination of women all across the world.
There is no force more powerful than a woman’s determination to rise.

Every life begins with a woman. Respect and encourage every woman for what she is. Women, are always respected, loved and appreciated.

Theme for today’s International Women’s Day 2022 is…
“Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

In our Social Entrepreneur series on the eve of International Women’s Day, today we are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Entrepreneur of Ahmedabad who is known  for her remarkable and outstanding performance in the field of Social Work who always believes in Women Empowerment. Yes we are talking about Smita Ghosh, she shared her Entrepreneurial journey with Hello Correspondent Janvi Panjwani.

Smita Ghosh :

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my profile,

My background

I am passionate and curious about human mind and emotions which led me to practice as Happiness Navigator. By Profession I am a Counselling Psychologist (PHD), behavioural counsellor, hypnotherapist and Healer. I am also an expert in meditation and mindfulness.

My dream is to reach the apex of my chosen field of study to benefit adolescents and youngsters in the most formative years of their lives.

What I strive for – is to make a difference. A difference that may end up making the crucial difference between negativity and positivity in people lives.

Few Awards and Achievements

  • Super Woman 2020 – Forever Star India Awards
  • Research Excellence Award 2020 – Institute of Scholars (INSC)
  • Excellence Award Women Researcher – National Educational Brilliance Award (NEBA)
  • Award for Contribution in Health Awareness – International Education Award
  • Appreciation – Humanitarian Excellence (I Can Foundation)
  • Award for contribution in Research and Development in higher education – MIMT
  • Mindful Educator of the Year Award 2021- Mind On
  • IBRF Young Researcher Award-2021 – International Benevolent Research Foundation
  • Super Woman 2021 – Motivational Speaker – FSIA
  • Top 100 Women Leadership Award – Glantor X 2022

Women’s Day Message

‘Don’t be scared to be a Women…. Give yourself the freedom and power for being “YOURSELF”. Celebrate Being Women . Self-Awareness should be your inner strength and let that inner strength soar you towards your Dream and Happiness.

Empowered Women Empower Women

‘Start Empowering Within you and Around you’……


[email protected]&[email protected] hosh.7/


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