Home International Meet South Africa based Khomotso Mashalane-Global leader, Global Icon, Global Influencer who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet South Africa based Khomotso Mashalane-Global leader, Global Icon, Global Influencer who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet South Africa based Khomotso Mashalane-Global leader, Global Icon, Global Influencer who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

Motherhood and mothers have played a role in the foundation and building of societies since, literally, the beginning of time. Mothers over and above nurturing, loving, protecting, sharing, giving, teaching, working are the avenue for so many successful communities. Khomotso is a proud Mother of three amazing angels, Kgabo, Lebo and Nakedi.

Mothers are a great example and reflection of communities and citizens of our world and so many of the reasons we become who we are, are because of the lesson’s mothers including fathers instil in their children.  Mothering and motherhood are a priceless gift to any society and recognizing this gift outside of Mother’s Day is important, furthermore, what Khomotso emphasises is the importance of community and motherhood working together by collaborating with institutions like schools, churches, hospitals and other uplifting extra-mural activities to ensure cohesiveness and consistency. This is imperative to ensure we raise our children to ultimately become adult members of society. Gender inequality must be one of the lessons incorporated in the values at home. Mothers must intentionally teach boys and girls that inequality is a violation of a basic human right. Home is a miniature society therefore gender inequality must be incorporated in all the fundamental lessons learned at home. There needs to be a paradigm shift in how we raise our boys. Mothers additionally are responsible for the emotional support and validation their children learn and incorporate in their daily lives, it is important for how they view themselves and how they view the world around them. Vulnerability should be encouraged and normalised amongst boy children, this creates a safe space for them to be soft therefore creating softness and safety for the girls, women and future mothers around them. As a mother evaluating your state of mind has a deep and influential effect on your children, a toxic state of mind affects their well-being and being in-tune with this fact is important in creating a safe space.

Mothers are a symbol for support and learning values and ideals. I believe homes are the building blocks of upstanding communities. As a Global leader who specialises in leadership, empowerment of women on a socio-economic level, women, daughters, and mothers are always an emphasis for me.  As a person who transforms societies through human resources, I believe Human Resources plays powerful role effecting change on a global level. As a mother I realise human resources should not only be limited to organisations, because most shortcomings employees have at work are expressions and extensions of who they are within the societies they live in.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we are highlighting every individual’s Professional and Entrepreneurial Journey and inspiring stories from different fields from Africa Region. They are creating meaningful impact in the world. In this episode we are introducing South Africa based Khomotso Mashalane who is a Global Leader and Global Influencer. We hope her inspiring entrepreneurial journey will inspire to all. Most importantly we celebrate the time dedicated to raising children at home, as that is the most honourable and important job, because nothing replaces the time spent between a mother and their child.

About Khomotso Mashalane:

A thought Leader. Global Leader. Global Influencer. Global Icon. Author. Speaker at global conferences.

Award winner (Witty Gossip) United Nation’s Sustainable goals. Goal 5. Gender Equality.

In the works aligned with Women Empowerment, Training and Development expertise.

Ambassador-World Women Organization-South Africa

G100 Country Chair-South Africa

Global Ambassador-Hearts of Change (Based in New York)-South Africa

Ambassador-Global Movement of Hope-South Africa

Member of Edinburgh Business Council (Heriot Watt University, Scotland, UK)-South Africa

Head of Representative office-Alliance of the People of the world. (World Peace.)

Human Resources Consultant. (Master of Science-Human Resources-(Edinburgh Business School-Scotland,UK) Member of Council-Edinburgh Business School-South Africa

Master of Science in Human Resources (Edinburgh Business School) Heriot Watt University. Scotland, UK.

Humanitarian, Philanthropist. Mountaineer-Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro raising funds for disadvantaged students. Volunteer at Build. On- Global Organization-Poverty eradication in disadvantaged countries. Company-KhomotšoM. Women Empowerment Coach and trainer.

A fashion designer. Gifted floral artist.



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