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British Award Winning Biz Woman Sushma Bhanot Champions and promotes Women’s health amid pandemic lockdown

British Award Winning Biz Woman Sushma Bhanot  Champions and promotes Women’s health amid pandemic lockdown

News Input by Kamal Prabhakar UK Head Hello Mumbai News :

Women’s health has really taken a beating during Covid’

Consistently working for the benefit of the health of the community, inspite of caring for elderly parents, running her business and looking after her extended family, Sushma has continued to make a difference to the health of the nation. Co-director Coolherbals Pharmacist, Ayurvedic Consultant, Homoeopath, Lecturer, Author and Philanthropis.

Women’s health services are provided by healthcare professionals from different disciplines and specialties who address care throughout the lifespan of a girl or woman. Some of these services have been disrupted due to Covid and this has had a significant effect on the mental well being of women.
She has also organized online classes on to help professional women whose businesses have been impacted by Covid. She has worked tirelessly inspiring men and women to revitalize their businesses in the lockdown Covid Period and has been hands on in the last 10 months. Sushma has helped over 100 women develop new skills to help them in their businesses. These training sessions have been organized virtually by Zoom every single week. This has resulted in increasing the self-esteem of women and given them a platform. This has helped their mental well-being too.
Due to the Covid pandemic which has been particularly challenging for women, Sushma has written a timely book Women’s Health During Covid and beyond – A Self Help Guide to support women’s health and wellbeing during the COVID Crisis. This has been distributed and has impacted over 5000 women free of charge nationally.

She has further promoted women’s health during Covid being a keynote speaker at the WICCI (National Business Chamber for Women) Global Conference -an International conference on the Global Impact and Empowerment for Women, in January 2021. It is estimated that leaders from this conference would further impact hundreds of women in their respective countries.

In the Covid Period, Sushma has consistently sacrificed time and energy by being on the front line to ensure the wellbeing of the elderly. Their mental and physical wellbeing has been of paramount importance. She has personally written and funded a care pack for the elderly ‘Well-being of the elderly during lockdown’ which was distributed to nursing homes and organizations helping the elderly during the Covid pandemic.

This publication was sent to over 1000 carers – to the elderly and carers in nursing homes which would have impacted 5000 elderly people

To help tackle loneliness and social isolation, especially in this Covid period, through her co-founded charity The Great British Chai Party

File Pic : The Great British Chai Party .
Book Launch event Picture.
Group picture of  The Great British Chai Party .

she has been hosting virtual meetings with the elderly to help keep them positive during this difficult period. This was done with her co-founder Kiran Bhanaut.

As Patron of the charity Binti. for menstrual dignity in women, she has been striving to make the world a better place for women through education and training and eradicate menstrual poverty. She is currently working on a national policy for menstrual dignity.

A further testament for her helping during the community at large during the Covid pandemic. Sushma has been invited to present at the Fourth Global Ayurveda Conference – International Ayurveda Seminar organized by the Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA), 12th to 19th March 2021.This event has picked up an unprecedented global momentum, with the participation of 60+ countries. She wants this to impact the vulnerable people of UK and internationally.

Sushma Bhanot continues to run her FREE Wellbeing Clinics at this unprecedented time as she is passionate about healthcare in her local community (as she has done since the beginning of Covid). Members of the community can get free professional healthcare advice to signpost them to the correct service. This service has particularly benefitted vulnerable people, asylum seekers and undocumented migrants.

She has assisted 100s of people in the community who don’t have access to a free medical professional find this service invaluable. Their worries are allayed and they can be secure in the knowledge that they are being advised correctly. There are a significant percentage of the population who do not have a GP, so they find Sushma to be a trusted professional who can guide them accordingly for health issues. This service has been running for the last 20 years members of the community have found this service to be invaluable during the Covid crisis as they have nowhere to turn if they don’t have GP Of course, we cannot have control over some factors, what we do have control over is what we can do ourselves to protect ourselves in the short term and long term. The idea behind this book was to identify conditions that women are most likely to suffer from during lockdown and what simple lifestyle changes and remedies are available to manage the condition. Using simple kitchen remedies and ayurvedic ingredients as well as tips on how to adapt our lives to make the most of our resources. It is by no means an extensive list, indeed it is work in progress and also does not replace your doctors’ advice.

Brief About Her Perfossional Journey :

Sushma Bhanot started  her career as a pharmacist with Boots, who headhunted her for management. She thereafter owned 2 pharmacies, which were sold to Boots. The sale freed her to pursue her passion to establish her natural healthcare business. She used her pharmaceutical expertise to set up Coolherbals.Coolherbals advocates natural health. Using the plant extracts from ancient formulas, Sushma has formulated her own product range. She travelled the world to discover natural, ancient remedies, used by our forefathers.  She brought such ancient remedies back to the UK, researching them to establish how these could become accessible to the general public on a mass produced, affordable  basis. She used traditional herbs, harnessing the active ingredients within  to make natural products, applying modern scientific principles. She was determined to ensure that the historic knowledge behind such natural remedies was not forgotten. A break through in her research allowed her to create over 200 natural products.

Sushma is one of the brain childs of the Coolherbals products, heading research and development at Coolherbals. She is a co-director of the company, contributing ideas, time and money. She researches ancient remedies for not just beauty but for healing. Her products have helped with migraines, blood pressure, cholesterol reduction and  general aches and pains, to name just some contributions to healing. Her products also focus on natural beauty, for healthy hair and skin. Sushma invented the CoolSlim Plan, a diet based on K values rather than calories.  She was recently commended by being ‘Best of British ‘ by Professional Beauty’.
Sushma’s vision has been to firstly be a strong role model. Her aim is to empower women by teaching them skills in the health and beauty business. Secondly, her vision was to have a positive impact on our health and well being by the use of natural remedies.  When she travelled the world to identify ancient remedies used for beauty and healing, she was alarmed to realise that many of such treatments would get lost as  generations with knowledge pass away. Her aim was to capture these  and literally bottle them before they got lost. She has succeeded in this aim through her highly acclaimed products which are widely used both in the Asian communities  and highly sought amongst the Western communities.
Not only is she passionate about being successful herself , she has a fierce drive to ensure that other people around her succeed. She organises award evenings for health professionals to recognise and acknowledge their hard word. One of their brand ambassadors is Miss England .She has taken others with her in her journey of success but simultaneously looked after all her many dependants.  She is running a successful business yet giving back to the community and her own family.
To tackle the nation’s problem of obesity, she has (for free) provided assistance to salons to open up their own CoolSlim Slimming Centres and continues to do so. The CoolSlim plan is different to other weight loss organisations in that CoolSlim does not focus on calories. It offers slimming treatments based upon nutrition advice, focussing on 6 tastes. The plan is detailed in her book, “Slimmer in 1 Hour Slim Forever”. This process has proved to be more successful on calorie counting. Coolherbals seek to expand in this area in the future, through marketing and free training.
One plan is to ensure the NHS offers natural remedies and yoga in conjunction with traditional medicines, many of which can have negative side effects, unlike her natural products. To achieve this, she is in contact with NHS leaders and All Party Parliamentary Groups representing natural therapies and yoga and lobbies MPs to encourage them to promote natural therapies within the NHS. Thus, we choose which route to use to cure our ailments.  This is her aim and vision for the future.

Not only has she brought natural remedies to the West, she is also involved in many charities, linked to our  health and well being, for example  (a) Co founder of The Great British Chai Party Charity(tackling loneliness and social isolation amongst the elderly) (b) Co Founder and Trustee of Make it Beat Charity, training the general public in coronary, pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) lifesaving skills (c ) Main organiser of  the  United Nations International Day of Yoga in the UK since 2015 (d) Patron of Binti International, a charity which aims to ensure the  menstrual dignity of girls.
Sushma was recently asked to be a stand for the BAME community by the BBC World Service when she encouraged other minority groups to have the vaccine. There is still some hesitancy within these group to have the vaccine mainly due to misunderstandings and scaremongering. She is continually striving to make changes in the community.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY (2015) – A day to celebrate equality in the House of Lords with MP Bob Blackman, MP Alok Sharma and MP Virender Sharma and Baroness Verma,Lord Dholakia,Kiran Bhanot.


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