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Meet UK based Dr.Neena Richie is an acclaimed Philanthropist, Business Entrepreneur, Hello Mumbai News UK Correspondent Kamal Prabhakar reports

Meet UK based Dr.Neena Richie is an acclaimed Philanthropist, Business Entrepreneur, Hello Mumbai News UK Correspondent Kamal Prabhakar reports

An Exclusive Report of Kamal Prabhakar from London :

UK based Broness Dr.Neena Richie, is an acclaimed Philanthropist, Business Entrepreneur, Film Producer, Actor, Ambassador and a highly respected and Internationally recognized lady.

She is the proud recepient of 9 Awards under Baroness DR(hc) Baroness and has travelled the length and breath of the World. Her world-wind travel has helped her accumulate massive international contacts. She has won name and fame and immense recognition in the field of Media and Entertainment.

Dr.Neena has also earned commendable laurels coupled with Worldwide plaudits and ovation for her relentless efforts to attain high values in the field of entertainment productions. Notably, she has excelled in every endeavor single handedly working in the Film Industry, as a Model, Philanthropist Actress, Business Entrepreneur 7 A Level and as Business Consultant in International Properties and Commodities and 2 years of Law.. at Brickbeck Law University of London.

Dr Neena Richie’s articulated acting performances in Shakespearian Plays and as a Presenter in New York has also fetched for her numerous world-wide laudations and her earnest earnest thrust to accomplish “Excellence in her Presentation” has built a viable, versatile Network of Elite connect in Asia and around the World. Remarkably, she represents League of Arab World , A.N.G.E.L. Foundation IGO SPUMDA, recognised and accredited worldwide for Human Rights and Women’s Equality and accredited worldwide through accession with World Humanity Commission (WHC) – IGO, International Commission of Diplomatic Relations Human Rights and Peace (ICDRHRP) – IGO, International Human Rights Organization (IHRCO)- IGO, Council of Inter-Parliament Organizations (CIPO) – IGO, accredited UN-DESA, and Union of International Associates UIA International Speaker for IHRPC and HPPC supporting women and youths with our organizing in Chanai for very long time.

As an Ambassador Richie is a well respected speaker for Human Rights and Women Equality and has a massive following. She is an active advocate in her world-wind tours speaking about peace , Empowerment of women and youth in Education. She is as well articulated for her humanitarian work.

Currently Dr Neena Richie is extending her supporting to help build a school and equipments such as Computer books for less privileged children for Head Teacher Ese Ruth Dodokior Peem School in Nigeria.

My name is Mrs Ese Ruth Dodokior, Founder Directress Peem Peace School in Lagos Nigeria West Africa.
I approached Baroness Dr Neena Richie, during my studying at WIP e study class where I uptained Certificate in Media and Journalism, she encouraged me to study hard and wished me well.We had a conversation that I needed support for my school, I run for less privileged children. She’s such a humanitarian, without hesitation, she agreed to become a spokes woman for Peem Peace School, in other to help raise funds for the school.
Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, Baroness Dr Neena Richie, managed to raise funds for two laptops and a printer.
Baroness Dr Neena Richie, is such a honest,loyal and incredible Humanitarian.. I’m so grateful for her support.
Baroness Dr Neena Richie, has also inspired me through her group page,#NrSocialJusticeMovementFor WomenInBusinesses as,she has made women in business enterprise to be aware of SCAMMERS and FRAUDSTERS, in other not to be a victim of thier wicked ways..She also discussed this issues in her talk shows..
Baroness Dr Neena Richie is also a true righteous woman and a believer of God and a pure SOUL. She has motivated me recently to be more practical in preaching the word of God ..I’m so happy and thankful to God everyday for having approached and connected with such a woman,I call her one in a million..
Thanks so much Baroness Dr Neena Richie.. I pray God will continue to bless you in all you do Amen.
Thank you!

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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