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    News Input by Kamal Prabhakar UK Head Hello Mumbai News :

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    Dare To Dream – Dare to be Different, The World is your Stage”

    Sonal Dave has led an exciting and eclectic career and is now bringing her passions together as an Award-Winning Public Speaking Expert, an Asian Female Toastmaster and a Ceremonies Celebrant for weddings,

    Profile Picture of Sonal Dave an Award-Winning Public Speaking Expert, an Asian Female Toastmaster and a Ceremonies Celebrant for weddings.

    corporate events and life events for all faiths, diversity, equality. On the 27th Jan 2021, Sonal became a best selling author as part of a collaboration book called ‘It Starts With Me: An Anthology Of The Magic That Happens When Women Reclaim Their Strength & Their Stories’. In her chapter, Sonal tells of how she faced many situations of optimism bias, barriers and challenges through her career and how she dealt with them even when it seemed not possible. Her story is one of an Indian woman in a white man’s world and the struggles she went through as well as her wins. It is a story that will inspire and empower other Indian women to be bold, have a voice and that it is ok to want to follow your passions and not follow the expectations of the world and those around you.

    In her role as a Public Speaking Expert, Sonal says, “her role is to ensure that she helps both children and adults make an impact when speaking and communicating. For adults this could be in public,  at team meetings, as entrepreneurs, at networking events, community events and so much more”  For children, this well be in the home, school, interviews, exams and more. Through her workshops, she gives tips on how to deliver talks and presentations that can really make a difference using the art of storytelling. Sonal works with individuals to build confidence and remove the fear, showing that they can be a great confident speaker. Unfortunately, a lot of this fear in engrained from childhood and the push for grades and qualifications and there is little learnt about life Skills and how these are what will help you cope, survive and support mental health.

    In her role as a Celebrant and Toastmaster, Sonal ensures that she gives couples and families luxury and peace of mind, that events run to time and that any issues are managed discreetly, allowing any event to be calm, personalised, unique and memorable for all the right reasons. Through both her Toastmaster and Celebrant services, Sonal utilises her knowledge and experience of the Asian culture to include both symbolic, religious and cultural items both in the language and the special moments.

    Sonal Dave has been flagged as a ‘name to know’ in both the Events and Communications industry  Although as a business she only started in late 2018, she has already won the hearts of many, won awards and been featured in numerous publications


    How have you coped with no events, workshops, seminars or conferences during this pandemic?

    That’s a great question Kamal. With my events, the important thing for me was to quickly liaise with my couples and let them know not to panic and that we would work through this together. I was able to offer them postponement dates with no extra charge as this was really not their fault and to be honest, no one could have predicted this would happen. I still continue to stay in touch with them and share with them any updates I receive. The important thing here is that their special day is not happening the way they wanted or on the day they wanted so it’s about being creative, listening to them and really hearing their thoughts and understanding how they are feeling.

    With my Public Speaking Work, I had to think quickly and worked out early on that online was the way to go. I worked round the clock to write the narrative for the online courses and engaged a production team and designer to get everything online. It started with the online course for children aged 8+, then aged 4+ and finally adults. It was a lot of hard work and long tiring days but the end products are awesome. From animation learning to video and activity learning, there is so much for each person. They get to learn the Life Skills of Communicating with Confidence, learning Self Acceptance, Body Language, Voice Control and so much more.

    Where can people find out more?

    Website –

    Email – [email protected]

    Instagram –

    How can people buy the book?



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