Meet Vasai based Dance Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan Founder of Abhinayaa Institute who organised Panchakanya Dance Event


    Abhinayaa Institute of Research and Fine Arts with the support of Sangeet Natak Academi organised dance event Panchkanya under guidance of Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan.

    Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan, Founder, Abhinayaa Institute, while conversing with Hello Mumbai News affirmed that Various dance forms through Panchakanya presented by the Abhinayaa Institute of Research and Fine Arts and dedicated to the existing scenario in the World at large. Abhinayaa Institute of Research and Fine Arts desires to enhance Women Power and in each and every Women. The Institution also wants to root out all undesirable evils in society and let the people live in peace and harmony. It is with a firm belief in Women Empowerment that through my Abhinayaa Institute of Research and Fine Arts that I decided to organise the glittering and colorful Dance event Panchakanya and make it an event to remember.

    Know Brief about the Event:

    Abhinayaa Institute of Research and Fine Arts is an institution to imbibe various dance forms through
    Panchakanya, Love and War for peace and tranquility. It was organised on 29 May at the
    St. Peter’s School Auditorium in Manvelpada, Viral (East).

    The event started with entry of kunti with karna. Kunti was couragious to be an unwed mother, and then mother to Pandavas. Thereafter, draupadi the lady who was born from fire. As a bold woman she faced all tests and trials like waves in her life. She was staked by her husband in the gamble and was highly insulted by her brother in law trying to disrobe her PANCHAKANYA had artistes like Kunti Draupadi Satyabhama Radha And Shakti.

    Key Highlights of the character:

    The evening started with invocation to the deities and Nrithyanjali by juniors of Abhinayaa institute. A very well presented dance with a tough choreography Filled by the Ganesha Pushpanjali. Now all the women of history are full of power Radha is another Kanya who knew only to love. She was betrayed many times but still her limitless love for Krishna has no boundaries. Then entered satyabhama who was krishnaa wife. They fought their life with lots of guts and had to face the social threats at various levels The inner power manifested as Tripurasundari, Mariamma, Meenakshi, Kamakshi, Mahakali. They all are indispensable in our lives. But she never gained the status like Radha, but continued loving krishna. We need the power of Shakti to compete all the evils Abhinayaa institute beautifully presented the ballet under the guidance and choreography of Basal based Guru Chitra Vishwanathan.

    Kalashree Meena Santosh (graded DD artists)played the role of Shakti. Kali and kunti by Priya Satish Karnna by sagar gaurav Draupadi by Nrithyasree varsha vishwanathan Mariyamma by Renjani raghavan Meenakshi by Purva Rane Siddi Raikar student of Daksha mushruwala Presented oddisi dance form on Radha very flawlessly. Vaidehi Kulkarni from Nasik presented kuchipudi dance form depicting satyabhama. The audience were spell bound with the entire presentation of Panchakanya.

    Women are known for delivering multiple roles effortlessly per day, and thus, they are considered the backbone of every society. Living in male-dominating societies, women play a wide range of roles, such as caring mothers, loving daughters, and capable colleagues. The best part is that they fit the bill perfectly in every role.

    It is with this in mind that Abhinayaa Institute of Research and Fine Arts decided to host the Dance Ballet Panchakanya. The audience were glued to their seats and were spell bound at the entire presentation of the Panchkanya.

    During the event Social Entrepreneur Shraddha More was also honored and felicitated by Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan.



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