Home Hello Womeniya Meet Vasai based Food Entrepreneur and Founder of Shraddha Enterprises Shraddha More who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet Vasai based Food Entrepreneur and Founder of Shraddha Enterprises Shraddha More who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet Vasai based Food Entrepreneur and Founder of Shraddha Enterprises Shraddha More who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
Entrepreneurs are those adventurous, daredevils who drive deep into the pressing problems of society and try to find solutions to them, not by leaving the responsibilities in the reins of the government or business, but by trying to change systems as a whole and persuading societies to take new initiatives

India being a growing economy is a hotspot for young entrepreneurs. With a large population of more than 130 crores, businesses all over the world see it as a potential destination for establishing a start-up. For years, males dominated the business industry, leaving less or no room for females. But the trend has changed now. More and more women are jumping into the business and many have successfully established globally renowned brands. Creating job opportunities for a large number of people, the women have braved the societal pressures and stereotypes to come up with the solutions that are far more reliable and innovative.
recent years, Maharashtra has witnessed an increase in women-owned businesses in fields such as household Industry, fashion, farming, IT, manufacturing, oil, and more. The development has broken the gender stereotype where women are depicted as weaker and incapable.

These bold and fearlessly ambitious entrepreneurs are shaping the future of Maharashtra, serving as mentors to millions of women and youths.

In our Entrepreneur series today we are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Entrepreneur of Vasai West who is known  for her remarkable and outstanding performance in the field of Food Industry who always believes in Women Empowerment. Yes we are talking about Shraddha More, Founder of Shraddha Enterprises, she share her Entrepreneurial journey with Hello Mumbainews.com reporter Sejal Bhise  

Shraddha More :

Famous As : Food Entrepreneur

Startup Name : Shraddha Enterprises

Brief Introduction :

I have leadership qualities and helping nature from college time only. I started helping people & fighting for justice. After being a mother I left my job & start helping people in various ways. Then I understand I can do this, which is something good & people start asking for help. The Achievements of my Life is Working on many high posts for the betterment of Society Achieved many Rewards, Awards & Honours Big achievement is people trust & support. B.A Graduated from MUMBAI UNIVERSITY | Did COMPUTER MANAGEMENT from Datapro | Completed HOTEL MANAGEMENT Course | Vishard in BHARATNATYAM. Shraddha more , the supplier of the most Reliable and the Best Quality Haldi in the Region.

The Founder of Shraddha Enterprises, Ms. Shraddha More is an active Lions Club member. She is involved in many social activities, and mainly with Bachat Gat (Group) who makes their own livelihood through various services including food services. Food and food services are the most popular business of Bachat Gat. And where there is food there is Haldi ( Turmeric). This triggered Ms. Shraddha More to enter the supply of Turmeric powder business. The founder of Shraddha Enterprises has her roots in the village Vai, in Satara district which is also known for the quality Haldi Industries. The Shraddha Enterprises sourced its supply directly from the producers in Vai, without middlemen, and ensures no adulteration, and at prices lower than the market. Shraddha Enterprises supply over 200 Kgs of quality turmeric every month.

Company promoted by Woman entrepreneur. Spices and purity is an inseparable combination. Shraddha Enterprises which beliefs in ethics and value system committed to the Purity of the product, Quality, and Quantity. It is needless to mention that our pricing policy is the best in class. Door delivery, right packaging will be value-added service to our customers.


On Purchase of 5kg get 500 gms free.

On Purchase of 10 kg get 1000 gms free.

On Purchase of 20 kg get 2000 gms free .

Free Samples for testing*.

Industries where you can find a Quality referral for me :

Masala industries.

Ayurveda Medicine Maker.

Herbal Face pack Industry.

Home Makers.

Catering Industry.

Brief Introduction of Zhep Udyogini :

Mumbai based business Networking startup, Founded by Purnima Shirishkar, who is famous Entrepreneur of Maharashtra. Zhep Udyogini is based in Mumbai, work for Women Entrepreneur with the mission to achieve financial freedom and grow a professionally through network.
Purnima is a Highly Effective influencer in the field of women entrepreneurs personal development and startup business she is a certified trainer of stock market analysis in NSE or BSE and postgraduate or MA in Economics. Over 10 year experience in stock market training.

If you want you share your Success story contact us :

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