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MK JEWELS launches new campaign #createHER on IWD 2024

MK JEWELS launches new campaign #createHER on IWD 2024


This Women’s Day, MK Jewels has announced the launch of its special New Collection and campaign named # Create Her aimed at providing special benefits to women  ahead of International Women’s Day.

MK JEWELS’ women’s day campaign createHER is all about incredible women who are creators in their respective fields.

And who better than social activist and entrepreneur Seema Singh to unveil our new collection?

Known to add sparkle into people’s lives through her philanthropic endeavours, Seema Singh champions the true essence of our collections that spread both smiles and sparkles.

Seema Singh along with many inspiring women and clients joined us for a sparkling unveiling with at MK JEWELS’ to celebrate #createHER this Women’s Day!

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Brief About Create Her :

celebrating the one who creates & nurtures
she is the creator of a home (with family)
she is the creator of a time (for everyone)
she is the creator of fun (with kids)
she is the creator of memories (makes sure to celebrate every occasion)

SHOOT CONCEPT: Sepia-toned iconic women’s portraits – icons of beauty!
Princess Diana
Maharani Gayatri Devi
Audrey Hepburn
Marilyn Monroe
Zeenat Amaan

We can have elements like faux fur, hand mirror, vintage frames, dried flowers, etc.

Invite people to share images of women in their lives who is a true #createHER and tell us why. One lucky winner will receive a Women’s Day present from MK JEWELS on 8th March.

As we approach International Women’s Day, we are thrilled to invite you to be a part of something truly special – the *createHER* campaign by MK Jewels. This Women’s Day, we are celebrating the incredible women who both create and nurture life’s essence.

In our eyes, you embody the spirit of a true creator. Your ability to craft a loving home and a fulfilled workspace, dedicate time for everyone, infuse joy into every moment with kids, and ensure that each occasion is a cherished memory makes you an inspiration to us all.

We’d love to capture your unique story by showcasing MK Jewelry in the settings that define you every day. Whether it’s at home with your family, capturing precious moments in time, enjoying fun-filled activities with kids, or commemorating special occasions, your participation will bring authenticity and depth to the *createHER* campaign, inspiring many women out there.




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