Monika Saluja Panipat based Social Worker shares her success journey with Hello Womeniya

Monika Saluja Panipat based Social Worker shares her success journey with Hello Womeniya


Monika Saluja is a multifaceted woman. She has worked as a teacher, mentor, guide, counsellor, writer, artist, and social worker for more than 30 years. However, she loves to use her passion for writing and theatre to advance social change. She wrote and directed “Nukkad Nataks” on a variety of social concerns, including female foeticide, pollution, the effects of plastic bags, etc. around the state using the theatrical medium. She earned the title “Nukkad Queen” of Panipat as a result of this. The Panipat Administration presented her with a prize for penning the theme song for the National Wrestling Championship held there.

She also used her experience in teaching to give back to the community by starting the “Mera School” for the kids of local construction workers.
She was appointed president of Innerwheel Club Panipat as a result of her extensive social work, where she continued to fight to improve society.

She later joined up with a colleague to form the theatre company “Any Body Can Act.” They presented three complete plays in Panipat through this ensemble.
Ms. Monika intends to carry out her social tasks in the foreseeable future as well. She is now shifting to play a more significant role as a mentor and a guide for others who might require such a person in their lives. She and a few other mentors co-founded an organisation called “Mind Opener” as a result. She wants to use the knowledge she has gained from her experiences in various fields to serve and assist as many people as she can. In her career as a teacher, she has already had thousands of students under her tutelage, and she intends to have thousands more.


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