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Mrs India UK 2019 Dolly Ahuja shares her lockdown experience with Hello Mumbai News

Mrs India UK 2019 Dolly Ahuja  shares her lockdown experience with Hello Mumbai News
News Input by Kamal Pprabhakar UK Head Hello Mumbai News :
At the beginning of the year 2020 I was in India with my family! We returned at the end of February 2020 to United Kingdom and one month after that Lockdown was announced. I went for grocery shopping 2 days prior to lockdown! At that point of time there was no masks and no awareness of two meter distance! So people were flocking around in big numbers to get the shopping done in bulk! Me being me, I witnessed many old people were struggling to get some stuff from the racks so I started helping them.
Here comes another story at the same store – we all know that there were hardly any paracetamols available as people bought them in bulk at the early stage of Covid. I purchased one pack of paracetamol – the last one in the store. I heard two old women were feeling sad of not having any paracetamol, because they wanted it for her daughter who delivered 3rd baby. I thought to help her and gave my paracetamol, the old lady was looking out for me for me, as she wanted to give me money for the medicines and a hug. I didn’t take the money for the medicines, but I took hug from her. Once I did my shopping on return I saw two men struggling on the Alzheimer’s awareness counter for funding. Again me being me, I stopped there and heard them for almost 30 mins and signed up for donation.
Three days after (end of March 2020) my throat started aching like never before. Co incidentally my boiler was broken at that time and I didn’t get any appointments until 2nd April 2020. So I had to get a lot of work in cold water! So I thought it may have given me cold! Two days after the pain it went even worse and I had to contact NHS they advised me to isolate myself for seven days, I felt bit anxious, as the first thing I thought was about my family especially my son who was under 2 at that time. I wasn’t nervous for myself but was more worried being a mother. After 4 days the cough started building  up and it was constant. I did everything like grandmothers tricks to get treated, then someone suggested me to have some antibiotics. I was severely ill for one month – completely bed ridden!
There was a point in the one month period of my continuous cough at the beginning (this is from end of March 2020 – end of April 2020 ) where I isolated myself in one room, not able to sleep at all. Throughout the day and night keeping the ginger hot water bottle sipping it every 15 minutes. I lost my senses, there was a huge emotional turmoil inside me that was flooding out, I lost the taste, smell everything basically there was not zest left in me. I isolated myself from social media completely.
But me being me a fighter always. I decided that I’ll get myself sorted for my family if not for anyone else. And as they say “When you help yourself, God helps you”. I started getting help for grocery shopping, cooked food from my lovely friends! I said to myself whatever it takes “Dolly you will have to get better”. My heart spoke few words out to me “Come on Dolly you are a counsellor, you have helped so many people, you will have to do this for yourself, if not that think of your husband and son.” I was so weak that I was hardly able to speak with anyone on the phone either.
Then after 16th June 2020, things started getting better, I was still feeling anxious and had a lot of weakness, my chest and back used to ache like anything, but I gathered myself, started providing counselling to people in need and also released YouTube videos  on depression and anxiety. I suffered with a lot of after effects of my illness until mid July 2020, someone suggested to have good amount of fatty food like, cookies, chocolates, cheese etc! So by end of August I did put on a lot of weight but I completely recovered from my illness.
The question is Was that Covid – the answer is still unknown, but all the health care professionals I spoke to confirmed it was. But I never got myself tested, the simple reason is if it was then it’s ok! I made peace with it
So what I personally learned from it – it taught that every individual will have to take their own responsibility, whether you live in a joint family or nuclear doesn’t matter – no family member can help you! Learn to fight your battles alone, May be this is what the Covid wants to teach all of us. As they say “Bite the Bullet”
What I would like to advise – I have experienced the best of both worlds here good and bad. I would say “Go back to the drawing board” and add your strong points of all the hardships you have dealt with. Everyday is a new day and a new birth. Be thankful that you are able to wake up every morning! Anything can happen any second. Life is very unpredictable, enjoy, stay happy and have fun. Find happiness in little things, live every moment. The most important thing is Love yourself, invest time in yourself, keep your little self happy – only then you will be able to keep your surroundings happy! Self care is very important!
Despite of what I have gone through I bounced back with more force and the first thing I started doing was helping people and giving back to the community by means of counselling, confidence sessions and makeup sessions for women on a voluntary basis. Because I strongly believe being the winner of International beauty pageants – my first responsibility comes for my community for my people! There is always good after the bad, so hang in there I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The most important point is do not hide your illness, it’s not a bad thing you need to speak out of whatever or however you may feel. And I would also like to emphasis on the fact that, if someone is telling their problems to you, please if you cannot help then do not demotivate them. Illness doesn’t mean they are bad. It can happen to anyone at anytime.
I can surely add this that this is my 3rd birth after being a mother to come out of such deadly disease and lastly I would like to thank the whole Universe, the people who were there for me at that point of time! My heartily and deep GRATITUDE.

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