Mumbai: Ahmedabad Social Entreprenuer, Asha Desai, Immediate Past President, Rotary Club of Ahmedabad Asmita, shares the Team’s Work and Charity Project experience amid lockdown with Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Neha Singh.

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    Soni Anal
    Managing committee
    Mita Gandhi
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    News Report by Neha Singh:  


    Mumbai: Asha Desai, Immediate Past President, Rotary Club of Ahmedabad Asmita, shares the Team’s Work and Charity Project experience amid lockdown with Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Neha Singh:

    Rotary club Ahmedabad Asmita established in 2018 in Ahmedabad . Sangita Shah is Charted Club President & Hema Shah is Charted Club Secretary.Rotary club of Ahmedabad Asmita is a conglomerate of single gender diversified with respect to their professional commitment but unified as Asmitanians, who share their passion for community service and fellowship.  Their multidisciplinary perspective helps them to see challenges in unique ways.
    Rotary club of Ahmedabad Asmita and Anokhee NGO had opened “Ajivika – A Mission to promote Skilled Wager’s” Center on 2nd October 2019,on the occasion of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji. It is a vocational Centre for lifelong economical and emotional independence of women. Their Slogan – VOCAL FOR LOCAL. At this centre, the women are trained to learn the sewing work and knitting work for themselves. They are professionally trained by Mita Gandhi and Soni Anal.

    While interacting with us over a phone call she mentioned that they had the target to employee 2000 women till 2020. But due to Covid-19 it had become difficult for them to achieve their target. But the wheel of Charity did not stop amid lockdown. They have identified 10 – 15 women who are very needy and can work from home these women had stitched handbags , bags and many other accessories.
    “Ajivika – A Mission to promote Skilled Wager’s” Center had tied up with Indian Fashion Designer Kasheesh Bhatia Garg .She is well know for her diverse talent. She have came up with an idea to make use of restate leftover fabric pieces for making attractive handbags..
    Amid lockdown they have empowered 10 women and they have generated the value of Rs. 1 to 1.5 Lakh. She also shares her future plans of “Ajivika Center”. The centre have been tied up with the Corporate sectors. In Diwali the gift wrapping work will be done by these women. They have conducted a zoom meeting with 25 women. They have teached them in the workshop how to make tie and scarf as it is mostly used in Corporate sector on daily basis. It will be profitable to these women.
    She is very thankful to her members to support her in this initiative in the year 2019-20.
    Rtn Rakhee Khandewal – Founder of Ajivika Vocational Center.
    Soni Anal – Managing Committee of Ajivika Center.
    Rtn Mita Gandhi – Mentor of Ajivika Center.
    Kasheesh Bhatia Garg – NGO Partner.
    Rtn Varsha Prajapati – President of Rotary Club Ahmedabad Asmita.
    Rtn Vimal Patel – Secretary of Rotary Club Ahmedabad Asmita.
    Without these Women Ajivika Center wouldn’t had been established says Asha Desai.
    Notably, Mrs Asha Desai works in two different profiles. She is Immediate Past President in Rotary Club of Ahmedabad Asmita. Apart from this, she is Vice president in Real Estate Global Company.
    “Her mean aspiration is to support women to help them to improve the lives of the women in need and give them an independent life filled with dignity and spirituality”
    She laid Emphasis that we should advertise a product in such a way that consumers can trust our products. We should follow the government strict rules and regulations, take precautions while making the product.
    While speaking about her Personal Views on Covid-19 teached us the value of life, family and our loved ones. She says “ Nothing is Permanent ” not even Covid-19. We have to keep patience and this phase will also pass.
    She is working from past 11 years for Women Entrepreneur.
    She believes – Woman should be Financially Uplifted. If the women is not financially independent then they have to depend on someone else.



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