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Mumbai : Anar Mehta, Social Entrepreneur, Joins Women’s India Chamber of Commerce and Industry as National President of the NRIS Council

Mumbai : Anar Mehta, Social Entrepreneur, Joins Women’s India Chamber of Commerce and Industry as National President of the NRIS Council

India is at a unique stage in its journey where Women Empowerment has moved beyond a mere slogan and is now actually shaping into a reality. There are several tireless heroes who are working towards it silently. One such hero is Ms Anar Mehta, founder of the NGO Srishtibharat, an organization that has undertaken several initiatives for uplifting women, especially during the pandemic of Covid-19!  She is also associated with our online publication HelloWomeniya.com


in the capacity of a co-founder! Further, she is also an active member of the Indian Diaspora and organizations such as the Somnath Trust and World Hindu Economic Forum.

As her efforts continue to expand India and Globally, she has added yet another feather in her cap by joining Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) as the National President of the NRIs council. As she undertakes this role, she is dedicated to building a sustainable exchange of opportunities between women in India and abroad, leading to a strong global diaspora of Indian Women! After the announcement, Anar expressed her delight and shared her plans with us.

She said: First of all, I would like to thank Ms Harbeen Arora (Founder and Chairperson, All Ladies League, Women Economic Forum; Also associated with WICCI) and other stakeholders at WICCI for allowing me this opportunity and placing faith in me.

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I am thrilled to serve Indian women at an international stage! I am dedicated to identifying the most underprivileged and working towards their development through a variety of instruments. My aim is to help build an India where men and women are equal contributors to growth and success. In order to do that, women achievers will need to come together to build platforms such as WICCI that enable other women to achieve the success they so truly deserve! I gratefully accept this responsibility and am dedicated to serving tirelessly and building a nation of our dreams! I look forward to being inspired by the successful women of WICCI and hope to learn much more!

After this exciting announcement, we spoke with some prominent women leaders about how they feel about Ms Anar taking on this position! Let’s hear what they have to say:

Megha Das (Founder, Amounee): Having known Ms Anar Mehta personally, I have seen an unmatched passion for uplifting women. The dedication with which she worked during the pandemic was nothing short of inspiring. I definitely feel that with such a role at WICCI, she will create wonders. Her network and her dedication combine to create amazing results! I congratulate her and wish her the very best!

Deepali Shah (Founder, NAARI NGO): Anar is a completely professional, yet compassionate, individual. Her inspiration derives from her own struggles as a female. She has always understood the shackles that our society has for women and is dedicated to uprooting them in order to help them develop a sense of individuality and independence. With an experience of working with her for several initiatives, I have no doubts that Anar will do more than justice to this position at WICCI. She will definitely come up with creative ideas that expedite the process of women empowerment. All the best, Anar!

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Akansha Yadav (IT PROFESSIONAL, Owner, Promili): What India needs today is women who are willing to help out fellow women to break free from the evils of patriarchy.

Anar is a powerful example of what women can achieve when they flourish! By joining WICCI, I strongly believe that Anar will build a platform that enables fellow women to grow and achieve their truest potential!


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