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    Mumbai based Dr Smita C.Savala, Family Physician of Padmavati Clinic talks about her medical professional Journey

    One of the most respected profession is that of a doctor. People respect and have complete faith in doctors whenever they are facing dreadful situations in their lives.

    A doctor is learned, honest, kind, humble, enthusiastic, optimistic, and efficient. He or she inspires total confidence in patients and daily renews the magical relationship that by itself constitutes good treatment for any kind of ailment and the best starting point for confronting all causes of pain and suffering. Although so many virtues are difficult to find in a single human being, the medical profession is fertile ground for finding such combinations.Such are the qualities found in Dr.Smita C. Savala.

    Hello Mumbai News Sr.Journalist K.V.Raman roped in Family Physician Dr.Smita C. Savala for her candid experiences as a Doctor.
    Excerpts of the interview:

    K.V.Raman: Madam why did you choose to become a doctor?
    Dr. Smita. As a child, I always looked upto doctors for their profession. I wanted to be a part of medical fraternity

    K.V.Raman. Madam Could you please tell me why you have chosen this field of speciality? Physician!!
    Dr.Smita. Want to help all age groups from an infant to an old grandparent

    K.V.Raman. Your professional experience as a doctor? Educational Qualification
    Dr. Smita. Bachelor degree in homeopathic medicine and surgery

    K.V.Raman. Smitaji What are the unique and different skills you have, as a doctor?
    Dr. Smita. Every doctor has their own special way of treating the patients.
    What’s your plan about the future?
    Dr.Smita. Children to teens to just married females to old people , everyone is comfortable to tell me their problems . No child is afraid of coming to my clinic… In fact they are quite obedient to what I tell them
    I hope to continue to help people

    K.V.Raman. How do you forsee future in the next Five Years ‘?
    Dr. Smita. People should pay more attention to their health, as they have been doing in the last one year…. Thanks to covid 19

    K.V.Raman. What is your routine on a daily basis? Time spent in your Clinic.

    Dr.Smita. I spend about 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening at my Clinic.
    Seeing patients, Diagnosing, treating, counselling and online consultation too
    I have been doing this since almost 18 years now.

    K.V.Raman. As a Doctor do you have any weakness or strength?
    Dr. Smita. I behave like a part of my patient’s family but at the same time be strong enough to see them in pain or trouble

    K.V.Raman. What are your achievements till date? As a Student and Doctor
    Any awards scholarship…?
    Dr.Smita.I consider blessings and words of gratitude from my patients and their relatives as my biggest reward

    K.V.Raman. What is your ability to face the challenges both medical and personal?

    Dr. Smita. I think I am quite level headed. I can think logically and well with my knowledge of medicine even in difficult times. I can easily clear away confusion.

    K.V.Raman. Is this your dream job?
    Dr.Smita. All the doctors in their entire life dream of becoming a member of a reputed hospital where they can save people from dying.
    Of course, this is exactly what I have always dreamt of doing. I simply love my profession.

    So this is Dr. (Mrs) Smita C.Savala a charismatic family physician in her own right and merits.



    1. Hi all
      Its my pleasure to say something about Dr. Smita Savla, she is very friendly with her patients where they don’t hesitate to discuss their problem with her. She listen patient problem very carefully and answer calmly. I would definitely recommend her to everyone.


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