Mumbai based Ngo Amann Foundation organises Award Function titled as ‘Siyastat Mein Khawateen ki Hissedari to promote Women Empowerment in Andheri


    As is known the entire month of March was devoted to International Women’s Day.

    As part of the International women’s Day Celebration Mumbai based Ngo ‘Amann Foundation’ organised a big award function titled ‘Siyasat Mein Khawateen Ki Hissedari’ to felicitate and honour the Women.

    The prime highlight and significance of this award function was that it was organised by Congress leader and Founder of Amann Foundation Raiees Lashkaria and attended by Maharashtra Minority In charge Ahmad Khan, Imran Pratapgarhi All India Congress Minority Chairman, and many other Congress Leaders.

    While addressing the audience Raiees Lashkaria Chairman of Amann Foundation affirmed ,” our main purpose to organise this function is to promote women empowerment, to encourage them, and to recognize their work done by them in social and political field. Amann Foundation have always been working for Women Social Entrepreneurs since long back and promoting them. We have honoured 20 Women Social Entrepreneurs in due recognition of their work and felicitated them”..

    Raiees Lashkaria further added today the time has come when women should step forward and participate in politics. Our Award Theme ‘Siyastat Mein Khawateen ki Hissedari’ clearly focusses on our motivation and encouragement towards all women to come and embrace politics through this award function. We intend to generate political awareness among women.

    Imran Pratapgarhi, Chairman, All India Congress Minority Department said
    “Women, you are an integral part of our society and nation and we cant do anything without their support. Women, we respect you all and its my personal appeal to all to emerge more strong and embrace politics. If you have the inclination that you want to grow more, I am very much happy and it affords me immense pleasure to attend such a wonderful programme. The Policy of our party is very much clear to support women empowerment and we are with you.

    Whereas Maharashtra Minority In charge Ahmad Khan also attended this award function as a Guest. While addressing the audience he appealed all Women to be a part of Politics because without their support country cant progress. I am very much happy to be a part of such a wonderful programme. We support Women the best example is our senior Leader Priyanka Gandhi and her Women Empowerment work, she is doing in Uttar Pradesh.
    My party welcomes all those who are interested to join politics because women social entrepreneurs are the soul of the country.”

    Almost more than 20 women were honoured and felicitated by Imran Pratapgarhi and other Dignitaries and women who achieved something in politics and and social field.
    Haji Babbu Khan Mumbai Congress Minority President, Ahmad Khan and many others graced the occasion. This power packed event was held at Chitrakoot Grounds, Veera Desai Road Andheri (West).

    News Edit: K.V. Raman



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