Mumbai based TV Journalist Preeti Sompura reveals Bacha Posh tradition of Afganistan in her new book


    “Bacha posh”. how many of you heard this words before? Are you familiar with Bacha posh ? Before you guess anything let me tell you that It’s a tradition faced by the Afghan women.Its in afghanistan old tradition allows families without a son to transfor one of their daughters in to a boy. there little girls knows as bacha posh spend their adolescence dressed as boys, assuming all the responsibilities of a son and being accorded all the privileges of being a male. But the girls can only be bacha posh for a few years after puberty, they must revert to wearing the burqa and mary.

    The Book on Bacha Posh has been written by noted journalist Preeti Sompura.Book is published by R k publication.In this book preeti revealed How do these girls live a lie for so many years? how can they become women after spending their youth behaving like boys?

    When Preeti Sompura visited Afghanistan for the first time in 2011 she came to know about this tradition. She met a 14 year old girl in Kabul government hospital. Girl was mentally retired.
    A female doctor told Preeti that the girl was a Bacha posh victim . The first time she heard the word Bacha posh. And here is the birth of her first book Bacha posh.After that three times she visited Afghanistan, met lots of Bacha posh victims, and discussed the issue with several NGOs. originally her idea was to release the book in kabul in the hands of former president Hamid karzai, as his government took lots of initiatives for girl child education but the Taliban 2.0 came in power and the rest is history.
    The Book is released in Hindi but very soon the book will come in English, marathi, gujarati, urdu, dari and pashto languages .here is the link of book which you can order online



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