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Mumbai : Evaluate Your Beliefs With Mumbai Based Therapist, Ms. Manisha Agarwal

Mumbai : Evaluate Your Beliefs With Mumbai Based Therapist, Ms. Manisha Agarwal
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Evaluate Your Beliefs With Mumbai Based Therapist, Ms. Manisha Agarwal

“Belief” this invisible force has been defined in several ways, with an indistinct sense though it has several definitions it conversely has plenty of impact on your life. All our life actions, the way we communicate, our behavior, our decision all the factors work is proportionate to our belief system. We all follow certain beliefs that shape our lives. These are the beliefs that affect – how we think about ourselves and others, how these beliefs influence our emotions and thought process largely.

Beliefs are generally formed upon a few factors: our experiences, conclusions, speculations, or by what others tell us to be true. Most of our core beliefs are formed when we are young at about an age group of 0-07 years. As curious as we are in our infantile stage, we are always in for connotations of everything around us. We are born with a clean record and without any predetermined beliefs. Our parents play a very vital role in shaping our beliefs. We consider these beliefs to be a fact and most of the time consider them to be true. At such a young age, we are unable to distinguish between wrong and right, we often accept what we are told is right and true. These beliefs work and function in our subconscious. They help us rationalize life and navigate through it.

Beliefs are to be found in diverse categories like religious and cultural beliefs. These are certain religious beliefs were an individual is told to perform or act in a certain manner to gain positive outcomes, this kind of belief often comes with unethical practices almost playing an influential role on child who reinstate similar practice or belief in their adulthood. Some beliefs don’t allow physical touch during specific days while some beliefs differentiate the roles of men and women in certain aspects.

Negative beliefs are implanted in our mind at a very early stage of our life, our mind chase for influential characters around by getting motivated with their belief, and once implanted these negative beliefs become a habit. Negative beliefs not only affect the external world of an individual but the internal world also, these beliefs have a prolonged effect on the mindset of an individual.

We are so greatly influenced by these beliefs, we often ignore the fact that certain negative beliefs limit us from fulfilling our dreams and desires and control us. Positive beliefs, on the contrary, help us to invoke positive thoughts, allows us to act resiliently. Our beliefs are our sense of reality. These beliefs vary from person to person, and every individual act and thrust upon the understanding of his or her belief.

Given below are a series of circumstances, identify them as positive and negative beliefs;
1. Love is not for me
2. This is too expensive.
3. I choose to be happy no matter what.
4. I will never be successful unless I have a certain degree.
5. I can become anything I want to with proper training and guidance.
6. Money doesn’t grow on trees.
7. Everyone is different, I am free to be me.
8. I am not enough
9. Spiritual people don’t get angry
10. I will not be able to make it.

Identifying beliefs is very crucial as we think and act according to these beliefs. Our beliefs are very powerful and hence it is important to examine our beliefs. Once we identify the beliefs that are holding us back, we should start replacing them with empowering ones.

This is one of the exercises to rectify your belief and live a joyful life;
Look into the mirror and say to yourself, I am willing to change, perceive the feeling after using these words, if you are hesitant or resistant you should ask yourself two questions why and what old beliefs are you holding on to? Don’t be harsh on yourself, be calm perceive the feeling, this is the sign of distressing negative beliefs but you have to dissolve it, take a long breath stand in front of the mirror looking into your eyes deeply tough your throat and say “I am willing to release all belief which is not helping me anymore and I love myself, be loud and say it for ten times.

We believe in everything that we see or hear. Our minds are automated to filter out immaterial information. But this information is embedded in our subconscious thus turning them to our bonded beliefs. We are only concerned with the beliefs that are important to us. As beliefs are always about something and someone, beliefs require information. Beliefs are an integral part of our lives, and most of the time associated with our families. Your beliefs become your thoughts, which become your actions eventually.

To succeed in life, you must strengthen your positive and empowering beliefs and wane the negative ones. I would recommend you allow us to evaluate your beliefs and rejuvenate positive beliefs, so that you feel empowered!

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