Mumbai: Inner Wheel Club Bangalore Blossoms initiated a project on Green Solutions for Red Cycles amid the Covid-19 pandemic time


    Inner Wheel Club Bangalore Blossoms initiated a project on Green Solutions for Red Cycles amid the Covid-19 pandemic time.

    On seeing our front line workers – Women Police Personnel, Govt Hospital Nurses and Housekeeping Staff struggle amidst these testing times and more so now during Covid pandemic times, they are on duty for more than 10-12 hours and with no proper facilities of toilets and putting in long working hours in PPE kits, Inner Wheel Club Bangalore Blossoms decided to provide them with Menstrual Cups.

    On August 20th, they had met Ms Nisha James, DCP of Administration and shared their thoughts to provide cups to their women traffic cops.

    She was much thrilled and encouraged them to target providing cups to ALL the 2000+ women police personnel of Bangalore City Police.

    They had shortliste couple of brands and had agreed to give us each cup at 350₹ . We immediately started a crowdfunding page with “Fuel a Dream” and targeted on collecting ₹3,30,000/ as the 1st phase of the project.

    Inner Wheel Club Bangalore Blossoms had conducted Webinars, to the Women Police Personnel to empower them on sustainable menstrual products.

    Notably, the drive picked up pace with the club members spreading the word for contribution and simultaneously reached out to the manufacturers of menstrual cups.

    Sirona was one of the brands, they reached out to and they stepped forward to give us the cups @ ₹100/- per cup.
    This worked in our favour and within 3 weeks time, we collected ₹2.52 L through crowd funding.

    Inner Wheel Club Bangalore Blossoms thanked the International Justice Mission, who sponsored ₹ 1L, Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar, Dr Meenakshi Bharath, our Club Members, Harshada KB and Maliha of Project Rutu and donors who contributed generously for the cause.

    At the conclusion of the drive, they had ₹3.4L (after deducting the crowd funding charges).
    On sept 14th, they officially handed over 2000+ cups to Ms Nisha James and her team.

    In the coming days, they will be having demonstrations on the use of cups, with small groups of women police personnel and create WhatsApp groups, through which they can guide / answer their queries, to help them ease through the days of the switch over.

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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