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Mumbai : Is Self-Love selfish? let’s find out… with therapist Ms. Manisha Agarwal. .

Mumbai :  Is Self-Love selfish? let’s find out… with therapist Ms. Manisha Agarwal. .

Understanding the Energy of Love with Therapist Ms. Manisha Agarwal.

Every day awaits us lists of responsibilities that we dutifully check on, be it paying bills, buying groceries, to fixing dates, organizing conferences, to making a listing of chores or running the errands, the list simply goes on and each time an assignment is completed, that small “checkbox” after it offers us a sense of accomplishment. But what we overlook to “check on” is our daily dose of “self- love and care.”
Do you love yourself? Do you really care about yourself as much as you do about your loved ones? Does it sound selfish to love yourself?
Well, we all know the answer to this, but we tend to escape the fact.
Self-compassion and love can be challenging for many of us, especially in times when we are amidst a Virus outbreak. Self-love is loving yourself, nurturing your positive thoughts to a positive outcome. It is often defined as your own-wellbeing and happiness. Though loving yourself may sound like a luxury rather than a necessity. To create a mindset of acceptance, one must genuinely love yourself. Taking responsibilities of your actions and accepting life stages and situations as we move on. You must become satisfied and content with how you live your life.
Self- love is often confused with looking pretty, proper sleep, intimacy, healthy activities, etc., while yes, this is one aspect of self-love, on the broader terms it is gratitude and affirmation of yourself. It is a positive value which leads to inner peace and happiness. Self- Love is not to be associated with selfishness. Prioritizing yourself first might sound selfish, but it the best step one can take to make people around happy. Once your happiness is well taken care of, your emotional time and energy are free for others. Believing in your abilities allows you to pursue passions and that can inspire and motivate others around you. Being kind to yourself in difficult situations is self-compassion often put across as guilt. For the longest time, doing or thinking good for yourself is often regarded as guilt. This is a source of unrelenting pain and irrational thoughts, causing anger, resentment and negativity.
When you love yourself, you will have a more fulfilling life. You accept the fact that your happiness is in your own hands and that it starts with you first. It becomes easier for you to say “No” to people and things that do not match your values. It makes you resilient and aware of the healing process. You understand and accept your bad emotions and come to terms with life, that you will get hurt multiple times but that doesn’t mean the trauma has to last forever. You understand that life will always not be the same, there will be ups and downs, but you take this opportunity to learn and grow. Holding grudges can weigh you down, letting go of the anger and actions that you can no longer control will teach you the act of forgiveness. Thus, bringing your mental peace and harmony to a balance. It helps in evaluating and reconsidering your emotions and understanding your inner-self.
Don’t agonize about manifesting self-love, enact on affirmations to construct your dream life.
– I am deserving of love.
– I am always feeling positive, calm and happy
– I am a beautiful person inside and out
– I am a confident, attractive person and people admire me
Manifesting love is an everyday process and is tiresome, because the person in question here is you! As they say, “You cannot pour from an empty jar, fill your jar with happiness and peace and see love overflowing.” Self-love is a consequence of patterns and routines, so allow yourself to heal from the negativity and encourage yourself to challenge limits beyond your reach. If you love yourself, you will be able to imagine yourself in the position you want to be.
We all suffer from diverse issues in life struggling to control emotions and situations, losing life battles, leaving us vulnerable with a lack of love. Because fulfilling materialistic desires and beauty makeovers can gratify and make you feel good, but it is impossible to enhance self-love. A compilation of all these imaginary acts of emotions Indicates “INNER CHILD” issues.
I hope we all benefit from this. Please share your thoughts on manifestation. Do reach out to me for manifestation tips and exercises for self- love.

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