Mumbai: Jyothi Bhandari President, Innerwheel Club, Solapur, Harmony, Dist-313, shares his team’s charity work amid COVID -19 with hello Mumbai News Reporter Radhika Joshi

    Tree plantation picture.
    Mask Distribution and other charity projects amid lockdown.

    Mumbai: Interacting with Radhika Joshi, Jyothi Bhandari President, Innerwheel Club, Solapur, Harmony, Dist-313, said that the Inner Wheel’s mission is to promote actions, services, and good practices intended to improve the lives of women and children in the world, through a global network of Members, that voluntarily donate commitment and love for others.

    She added that the Club has forayed into a save water Drive Campaign by making a small video to encourage people to save water by filling their glasses half. It is their intent to spread the word around as much as possible.

    It is their belief that we all can unite and work together for a better change.

    Furthermore, they have distributed 100 masks to the poor and needy with the Inner Wheel logo printed on it.

    Apart from this, they have undertaken a Tree Plantation activity through their club. 21 plants of Chafa and 4 plants of Mango have been planted at Priyanka Nagar.

    News Report by: Radhika Joshi

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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