Mumbai : Kanta Kapoor District Chairman Inner Wheel District 308, shares an empowering message on Women’s Equality Day 2020


    Women’s Equality Day 2020 : 

    Today, if we really need to change in the society and equal place for women, first we need to start it from our own homes. In todays era of modernization every women is working with men shoulder to shoulder, but the other reality is that everyone is accepting a women in all relationships like a mother, wife, sister, but not as a girl child. We need to understand that every child has the potential to achieve astounding things. But for girls everywhere, that potential is cut short by discrimination and inequality. On this special day I must appreciate those loud voices who fought for women and gave them special place. Any country, any nation can not survive without the involvement of women. A women has born with the power to save, power to protect the world. Her existence is based on truthfulness and are the most untapped reservoirs of talent.
    Its painful even many times women has been introduced by men sometime even wife who is home maker a powerful designation she owned but aching when a husband introduced her in co friends like… she is my wife just a home maker not working women…how this statement will justify women for her 24 hours selfless service is not enough. Why isn’t any value for her work and emotion, why she doesn’t deserve the same respect. I doesn’t mean to crusing down the prestige of man for women. But need to realise that women has great brain power if she allowed to use it freely. She has the strength, patience and the passion to reach for stars to change the world. I would say to every women wakeup and respect yourself and be aware of gender stereotypes and stand up against harassments.
    Well quoted by KOFI ANNAM… “Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenges of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development abd building good governance”

    The writer is District Chairman of Inner wheel Club Dis 308 .



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