Mumbai: Madhavi Mihir Bhuta BJP National Executive Mahila Morcha, converses with Hello Mumbai News on her work experience amid the Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdown


    Mumbai:  Madhavi Mihir Bhuta BJP National Executive Mahila Morcha, converses with Hello Mumbai News on her work experience amid the Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdown

    News report by Shikha Singh:  

    Mumbai: In a conversation over phone with Hello Mumbai News Madhavi said “during the Covid-19 pandemic induced lockdown, BJP.assigned to us the task of providing ration (food kits) to the deserving poor people working on wages. They need the basic necessity which we provided them
    through RSS Seva Karya. This RSS Seva Karya Committee has been working selflessly and tirelessly across the country. But my assignment was in Mumbai.”

    She added, “when I received a call from Malda North Bengal that 31 laborers from the respective village are stuck in South Mumbai we swung into action and helped them with cooked food and ration kits which we managed through RSS sufficent for them for around one and a half month.”

    “I also received a call from a Kutch based MP’s office. Kutch from MP He is sharanya sitar vadak and had come for a wedding to play the instrument. He visited some of his relative in Ulhasnagar and was given to understand that there are 20 families who didn’t have anything to eat. Once again through the help of RSS we arranged for the food.”

    She further went on to add “My basic work was to reach out to every person calling for help. My main work was concerned on the Dadra Nagar Haveli and Diu Daman. Here we arranged for face mask and sanitizer and it were distributed door to door by the administration out there. But the face mask was our initiative and it was prepared by the women in Bachat Gat for which they were paid. The distribution were donenin the slum area.

    She also said “Another important incident which she narrated was that of students living abroad. When air travel was suspended amid the outbreak of Coronavirus the navigation through red FM RJ Devki, a good friend, contacted me and explained that she had connections with Indian students from Gujarat and Maharashtra and who were stranded in Greece. The lockdown in Greece, a European was early and the students were left without any food. Infact they wanted to return to India. The students numbered from 20 to 25. When flights were suspended it was pretty difficult. after stopping foreign flights it’s difficult. So, I contacted the PMO immediately and through MEA they got in touch with the Indian Embassy in Greece. Thereafter the Indian Embassy were contacted and we provided food till the lockdown discontinued in Greece.

    After Vande Bharat flight resumed operation,we ensured that priority is given to Indian Passport Holders and in mid-March, they suspended OCI cardholders and subsequently the travel was suspended. So they were in trouble in USA. There were more than lakh of people who were stranded. Somehow they contacted me and wrote a letter that they are facing a problem.

    Their parents were in India while they were settled in USA and had US Citizenship if the USA and were OCI cardholders. So they can’t leave children over there and so I help them by connecting them with PMO. MEA arranged for their travel.
    I did all this merely for the OCI people.I have been instrumental in communicating with the PMO and MEA for people who have been stranded there.

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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