Mumbai: Mrs.Bindu Shree, Inner Wheel Club, Hospet , President Dis 316 Karnataka, shares her charitable work and relentless service amid lockdown with Hello Mumbai News

    1) Distribution of Homeopathy immune booster .125 members were benefited from this.
    3) Plantation project was done by planting 15 saplings in park.


    Mumbai: Mrs.Bindu Shree, Inner Wheel Club, Hospet, president,  Karnataka, has been associated with the Club since 4 years. Amid this Covid-19 pandemic, she has distributed fruits and immunity tablets .She has undertaken two charity works during this Covid Pandemic.

    She has done many work, not only for this covid pandemic, but she has also helped in many pandemic earlier. She had the inclination and interest for doing social service.

    Needless to point out that Inner Wheel Club are the true warriors of this Covid-19 pandemic. Amid the lockdown they have undertaken many charitable work by helping the poor and needy in their hour of need. Spread across India and countries across the seven seas, the Club believes in humanity and work with a motto ” We Serve”.

    They also rise to be of help to people when nature’s calamity strikes and which pushes people, particularly the poor to poverty. They leave no stone unturned in the discharge of their services towards people irrespective of their status- caste creed and religion.

    Scores of people have benefitted through the services done by the Inner Wheel Club.

    Mere words are inadequate to compliment for their charitable work and their zeal, zest and endeavour for charitable work amid any unavoidable circumstances.

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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