Mumbai: Mrs. Lalana Murty, Association Council Member, Inner Wheel Club, Bengaluru, Dis 319 states “It is not only the Government, we Citizens also share a part to play in this Pandemic.”

    ourakarmikas in the city working without minimum safety gear, like gloves, masks seems to be their health.
    Distributed masks, gloves and sanitizers to them.
    Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore South Parade.
    “Angels of hope” – the Asha workers. Distributed umbrellas, masks & sanitizers & showed our gratitude towards the women warriors for their enduring service.


    Mumbai: Inner Wheel is an International Women’s Organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has Cubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members and was founded in Manchester.

    Hello Mumbai New Team was privileged to have got a chance to interact with Mrs. Lalana Murty, Association Council Member of Inner Wheel Club, District 319, Mahalaxmi Puram Bengaluru over a phone call.

    While sharing her experience with Ashmita Chhabria, Hello Mumbai News Reporter, she said that in the beginning everything was shut. Many people lost their jobs. So Inner Wheel Club was handing them away the food packets to the ones who needed and also donated groceries in some slum areas.

    Mrs.Lalana quotes, “Wearing mask and taking precautions is necessary and compulsory, then we started mask distribution to all the people whom we call POURAKARMIKS.” Medical equipments and stuff is the need of the hour. They donated PPE Kits, Sanitizers, Oximeters.

    She further said that many orphanages and old age homes survive on donations. Under such serious pandemic situation, no one visits orphanages and old age homes. So they arranged groceries and all their day-to-day life requirements. The Club has gifted masks to the police personnel too because they are on the street risking their lives for our safety.

    When she was quizzed regarding government performance she says, “They are doing their best, but as citizens, it is our responsibility to follow the rules, wear mask, maintain social distancing.

    As lockdown is uplifted people are not bothered about social distancing. Situation is becoming worse. It is not only government we citizens also have a part to play.”

    On the occasion of Independence Day they called Lt. Col. Palani Raj, Army Veteran & Kargil War Hero who came and addressed them on video call.
    They feel that whatever benefits citizens are weeping today is because of the sacrifices of Army, Navy, and Air Force.
    So they called the Kargil War Hero Palani Raj and he shared on how army functions and how is the life of an army man.
    He spoke about how they have to take decisions and they are not sure about the results.

    She shares her message for the citizens by saying, “I would advise citizens to corporate with the government and follow to the advice of government.

    Let’s maintain social distancing, let’s wear mask, and let’s be a responsible citizen. If we don’t do so we cannot preach to others.”

    So this is how Inner Wheel Club of Bengaluru did their bit by helping others and this is how they celebrated Independence Day with Mr. Palani Raj.

    News Report by: Ashmita Chhabria

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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