Mumbai : Mumbai actress Rekha Rana’s social work earns her praises, see pictures in Hello Mumbai

    Rakha Rana with Ngo children.

    Bollywood Flash :

    Rekha Rana’s social work earns her praises.

    As coronavirus has affected more than millions worldwide,the laborers and daily wage earners seem to be affected the most in terms of food and money supply. Several actors from Bollywood are coming forward to lend their support to these families that are facing financial issues .

    International award winning actress Rekha Rana is one of the names who always in the news for her charities. The Tara actress has pledged to help families with Wockhardt foundation as their ‘peace ambassador’ to provide foods grains and medical essentials to such families.

    Rekha is also raising funds via her social media accounts and urging people to help as much as possible inorder to provide the needy families in and around Mumbai.
    Till now the actress has helped arround 4000 families with the food and other necessities in all the slum areas in different parts of Mumbai.

    “I really want to thank all the donors who have come forward and supported me in this beautiful cause. My main aim is to help as many families as possible, because I don’t wish that any child in this world should sleep empty stomach during this pandemic. I am still trying to reach more potential donars to help the needy said Rekha Rana.

    Rekha Rana is known for her strong engagement in social work not just in India but also in the world. She is the World Ambassador for Princess Francoise Sturdaza’s “Heart for India” foundation in Geneva, Peace ambassador for ‘Star Ngo’ South Africa and Brand Ambassador for ‘Save our women’ in Delhi, India.



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