Mumbai: Mumbai Dr.Reena Sandeep Mokal, opens up on her experience and works amid lockdown.


    Mumbai: Dr.Reena Sandeep Mokal, Prez, Doctor Cell, NCP North Mumbai, Secretary Women’s Forum NIMA, Mumbai Mahila President and Manavadhikar Association Delhi, Core Member ACTDA, Dr. shares experience and works amid lockdown.

    Mumbai: With the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has caused intense problem to people, particularly the poor, needy and the daily wage workers who have been pushed to poverty with no job and funds.

    Hello Mumbai News Team took the opportune moment to rope in
    Dr.Reena Sandeep Mokal, President, Doctor Cell, NCP North Mumbai, Secretary Women’s Forum NIMA, Mumbai Mahila President and Manavadhikar Association Delhi, Core Member ACTDA over phone for her experience and work amid the lockdown.

    While conversing with Hello Mumbai News Team, she says “precisely to deal with the patients is her passion, and is her central focal on it. The pandemic, has impacted on her own family responsibilities, as housing societies have banned entry to maids and house-keepers. But she dealt with it suitably. According to her, she used to go for a workout in the gym, but now the workout is done at home itself as Gyms are shut. She relishes in treating patients.

    Further she said to look after patients is fine, however, amid this corona, there are dilemmas considering the availability of beds. Some of the spots don’t have oxygen, and where there are patients there is none to care them. So have to summon management. As a Doctor have done all this work.

    Likewise, did social awareness at every locale and conducted meetings, informed people, how to wash vegetables, and to keep currency which came from sources outside. Undertook sanitization, social distancing and with the help of police officers supervised people and urged them to wear masks. While stepping out for shopping etc., one person should go at a time, and not to crowd with number of people on roads.

    Being an NCP doctor Cell’s member, District President, through them (cell) primarily served facial aspects, as in this pandemic if this virus transmits on hands and if we touch on the mouth, eyes, ears, nose so it gets on to the respiratory tract. We carried out all this in every parts like Borivli, Dahisar, Gorai, and others areas which comes under her district Provided to RTO’s, police officers. And subsequently attended dispensary and coordinated with doctors too.

    Moreover, amid the Unlock-2, it is necessary to make people realize it has been done emerged in the wake of to economical crisis.

    Hence to resist oneself, social distancing, wearing masks, doing sanitization and how to be safe has to be advocated to the patients everyday. They enter to take medicines so give them 5 days of dose jointly so that they do not move outside.

    Now community spread has risen in areas like Borivli, Dahisar and others in the hotspot. Many patients have been receiving treatment from there, so our accountability as a Doctor is to compel them to know self-safety is a must, only if they retain work then move outside. If left out to reach home as early as possible. No crowding and doing anything which will disperse this infection.

    Meanwhile, BMC has enhanced beds, the facility is available but how it will reach people and how people will reach there and so a support is needed for them to reach there. Like if a call succeeds then in our area there is this RC ward where madam Bhagyashree Kapse  and others whom we call and make patients reach there.

    When asked whether the lockdown has been successful, she explains that government forms their rules to achieve, its attainment is in the hands of the people.

    A guideline has been formulated by them to wear a helmet. So what people do is they wear merely to show them and will remove afterwards. If our people would have obeyed, it would have surely been successful. When our PM Narendra Modi addressed, to cheer with plates, for the corona warriors people came forward and did Jatra. It was a strict instruction to do it indoors at home. So this is the drawback of the public, the Government has done this by reckoning, Mahavikas Aghadi

    News Report by Radhika Joshi 

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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