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Mumbai: Mumbai Dr. Suraina Malhotra generates awareness among people to shield themselves from the virus.

Mumbai: Mumbai Dr. Suraina Malhotra generates awareness among people to shield themselves from the virus.
Dr. Suraina Malhotra.
Dr. Suraina Malhotra.

Mumbai: Dr. Suraina Malhotra generates awareness among people to shield themselves from the virus.

Mumbai: Dr. Suraina Malhotra, M.B.B.S (Bom): DBP, District President, North Central District Mumbai, a member of Mumbai Mahila, Doctor’s cell and from NCP team,interacts with Hello Mumbai News reporter Ayushi Kedia and shares her views on Covid-19 induced lockdown.

She says, in the first place, the lockdown has to be treated as a lockdown which has its norms. It’s similar to a curfew and moving out is not the right way. It is a gross violation of the norms of a lockdown. Everything need to run with a set plan. The time is to be concerned about our own life.

Being a Mumbai Mahila and doctor cells, Dr. Suraina is making efforts to provide grocery kits and food kits to people facing difficulties in availing it. She suggests to try and distribute pulses and rice, and to avoid giving cooked food. This way, people can eat for at least a week and will not have to come out of their houses. She also said she has one helpline number for the people who are scared and feel apprehensive because of people testing positive and subsequently getting recovered. There are instances of people dying of having been diagnosed with some other diseases, plus old age people who have a weak immune system.

So, this helpline number helps in inculcating positivity and at the same time helps people to be aware of it.

Being a Researcher in Microbiology she said it’s not about the spread of the virus that goes till 1m or 4m, rather it depends on the flow of air.

So she advises one and all to wear mask whether cloth mask or surgical mask. Instead of not wearing anything, it’s better to have something to prevent from any mutual contact as virus can transmit through eyes, nose or mouth. Hence, covering nose properly is very important and we have to be very active practically as whenever we returm to our own house, it is necessary to change clothes immediately and shower it.

She also makes it known that washing fruits and vegetables only with water and salt doesn’t help as it can only remove dust and virus is covered with lipoprotein. So cleaning them with soap are referred as an effective tool and then thoroughly wash with clean water to remove soap.

However her suggestion to everyone is to avoid raw vegetables and leafy vegetables and go in for grain, pulses which are more suitable and intake of more vitamins would help in improving immune systems like lemon, orange, or Amla multivitamin tablets which also helps in making antibodies.
This is the time around when we have to be subconsciously aware too. Taking things lightly, will lead to harmness. And Diabetic people should mention sugar level properly and keep up the proper supply of medication at home.

If someone feels any symptoms, they should immediately consult a doctor. Because now viruses are seen in different ways with symptoms like back pains, losing nose smell hence it’s mutating now.

As politicians in true perspective she says Rajesh Tope and Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray are doing a commendable job. They are trying to enrich the number of beds also in BKC and Goregoan, keeping in mind the monsoon which is likely to hit by 1st week of June. They are looking for closed places like Mehboob Studio but her demand from government is for the ambulance.

Further, she said that the whole lifestyle is getting transformed. Everything is becoming a challenge day by day. Over and above communication is happening online. Earlier we were used to talking in person to person which becomes very tough to convince some people.

And we have to break the chain standing all together as virus need living being to survive and get structured till the time it stabilizes.The body recognizes and starts producing antibodies. It can happen twice/thrice. Also a disease like chickenpox keeps memory in the body and has fewer chances of infecting twice. So keep calm, understand your intellectual and understand how it transmits and thus protect yourself from that and avoid going outside unnecessarily. All the policy of governments is for us. And we need to think about the elderly people in your home. They might not be having that strong tactics to improve the system.

So enjoy in your home and act sensibly.

News Report: Ayushi Kedia

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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