Mumbai: Mumbai Lions Club District 3231 A3 (Western Star) President, Suman Kothari shares her candid views on her Charity activity amid the lockdown with ‘Hello Mumbai News’ reporter Esha Pujari


    Mumbai: Mumbai Lions Club District 3231 A3 (Western Star) President, Suman Kothari shares her candid views on her activity amid the lockdown with Hello Mumbai News reporter Esha Pujari

    Mumbai: Lions Club scattered across the country are acknowledged for their selfless service and even on occasions go out of their way and work beyond their capacity to help the needy whenever any crisis arises.

    Needless to mention that the Lions Club have always risen for noble and deserving

    Food distribution .

    Group picture of Volunteers.

    causes. They believe in their motto “We Serve”.

    Amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown many institutions, socio-cultural organisations, NGO’s and social workers have been doing their best to help the poor and needy.


    Sharing her experience Suman elaborated on the work executed by Lions Club amid the lockdown with their distribution of masks and sanitizers to the the people in the nearby locality and provided more than 3000 food packets in the rural areas. Her team also created the awareness of social distancing amongst them and other safety norms.

    When quizzed about the challenges she faced during her activity, she feared of getting contracted with the infection from families of the volunteers as they come in direct contact with many people. But the their motto was to help the people because if no one comes out to support and help each other, it won’t work.

    On the migrant workers issue, she said it was really sad and disturbing to see their plight. Hence, took permission from the police and gave them E-pass for those who wanted to go either by their personal vehicle or by the transport buses which was arranged by the Western Star Group for all the migrants.

    Her message to the people is to take precautions and to follow the strict guidelines framed for the containment zones.

    NewsReport by: Esha Pujari

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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