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Mumbai: Mumbai NCP leader Dr. Suraina Malhotra shares her lockdown and charity work experience with ‘ Hello Mumbai News ‘

Mumbai: Mumbai NCP leader Dr. Suraina Malhotra shares her lockdown and  charity work experience  with ‘ Hello Mumbai News ‘
Food kits distribution.

Mumbai: Dr. Suraina Malhotra District President, NCP shares her lockdown and unlock 1 of lockdown experience with Hello Mumbai News reporter Shikha Singh

Mumbai: Dr. Mrs. Suraina Malhotra is M. B. B. S. (Bom); DPB and District President of North Central District  ladies wing,  also Mumbai Mahila & Doctor’s Cell of NCP – Nationalist Congress Party Also, President of Dr. Subhash Rane – Malhotra Foundation and Next President of Lions Club of University Campus & DC Anaemia of International association of Lions Club speaking to Hello Mumbai News reporter Shikha Singh on phone while sharing her views and concern on lockdown says that she is helping people near her and those contacting her. She also works for people as a doctor providing her service during lockdown with different methods like, preparing an awareness camp, educating workers or labours how to keep yourself protected.She advises people to protect and shield themselves. They need to take precautions and follow the guidelines of the Government which may save lot of human lives.

Dr. Suraina Malhotra says that she works for people as a helping hand at such a crucial moment and giving solutions to their problems.

She further claimed , “I have worked for women welfare and I’m also a district president of medical cell.
From 10th May I had started a campaign for women, people who are in need because of shortage of money as well as needy due to old age people who can’t move out, I gave them 5kg mixed food grains per family, this way I helped around 250 families by distributing Food mixed grains, this distribution is still going on from the day I started. 10th June was the ‘Vardhapan Din’ of my party Nationalist Congress Party. I also think that giving cooked food many times creates crowd and people don’t follow any social distancing rules at that moment, so I always prefer to give them food grains and they can cook that at home with following precaution of social distancing. I distributed masks and sanitizers to many people.”

She had arranged for more distribution of medicine distribution , provided food grain, masks and sanitizers.

She further added, “As a doctor I serve my best. NCP launched a service of a ‘Medical helpline’ in which I am alsotparticipating in that people can call us 24/7 for help. People who need medicine, want to get admission in hospital, people who are scared or even if they want to know what should we eat or drink and how to increase our immunity.”

“NCP distributed Faceshields to all the doctors. Apart from that she has provided free prescribed medications for 2 to 3 months to people who have to take medication on continuous basis eg. In case of diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroid etc.they have to take medicine daily for better health and some patients were facing problems eg.there was shortage of some medicines or they have problem to go and bring the medicine or financial problems due to the lockdown. She has distributed free medicines to them.”

When asked for her views on Unlock 1 of lockdown in Mumbai,
according to her, “as a doctor she would say that this Unlock 1 has come prematurely. It could have come later because we are at the peak of the cases but at the same time in India there are many people who are dependent on their daily wages like vendors. They do have problem of money and problem of hunger that was main problem for the labourers due to which led to pressure on Economy , lockdown had to be opened. But all the citizens need to understand that self-discipline is most important. Government and police cant take charge always despite they doing a fabulous job , people have to realise that your life is in your hand.”

Talking about an incident she said, “there was large amount of people wandering in Marine Drive and clicking pictures in group and having close contact with each other this is totally wrong and people are educated they have to think about themselves & others. We understand if there is emergency or a sudden urgent necessity, you can go out if not then please stay home.”

“This is not a time to go back to normal life, still it will take 2 months at least , till then take care of yourself. Once the herd immunity starts developing in a community which is not yet started because virus is still changing structure, till now there are 11 varients which are identified. Until the structure of the virus doesn’t stabilize its going to be difficult for the herd immunity to set in.

So till that moment people need to take care. Later on people will develop their immunity and then people will start becoming protected.Till then people have to realise that if not careful then the cases can go on increasing exponentially. People have to self-realise this important fact.”
Talking about travelling people, “the way they are rushing into the bused and they don’t even care about social distancing, safety and the conductor should not allow so many people to get in but on the other hand the bus frequency should be increased. All these precautions should be taken otherwise its going to be a disaster 15 days from now.”

What she thinks about migrant crises?
” My personal opinion is that immediately after the lockdown was announced 5 to 7 days should have been given for the migrant workers to reach their native place. Sudden lockdown without making any arrangements was a very wrong decision, similar to sudden demonetisation announcement. People were not prepared for it, lockdown was also so abrupt ”

According to her, “when we heard about this disease from China at that time only lockdown should have been imposed but here lockdown was announced pretty late, by that time lots of cases started spreading and when lockdown was announced then Central Government should have given them few days to go back to their native places. There was also a panic situation.

State Government started providing meal and things were are given to them. But people wanted to go home because they were worried about their families. State government was always requesting the Central Government for letting the migrant workers go home, but initially they were denying but ultimately when they allowed, the number of trains and buses provided were quite less than the demand made by the State Government . That time people were also frustrated and also there was a fear factor of not getting tickets or they have to give medical tests so in this situation they started running off which caused such a mess.”

Can Mumbai’s economy be effected due to Migrant workers?
Dr. Malhotra agrees that economy will affect because these workers are main people who are doing all the manual & specialized work such as electrician, industrial worker are from other states. They are the skilled workers. It would take time but I feel when everything is opening at least after rainy season they will come back as they are used to the Mumbai life & the high earnings over here ”.

“All people say that in rainy season Corona will spread more which is again no, it’s not proven. we don’t know about that if it will really increase or not. They have a set mindset, workers want to meet their families and after after they will come back, many of them have started coming back, what I came to know that some of the builders calling them and giving them plane tickets to come back.”

What will you suggest to people after lockdown how they can avoid to come in contact with the virus?

She affirmed that “people have to be more responsible towards themselves, towards their families and the surroundings. People should not feel that since I have taken some medicine so nothing is going to happen me. That false bravado should not be there. People should think there is possibility of them getting infected and that in turn can infect their near & dear ones.

What is the responsibility?
“Should not get infected. children and family can be safe. Things are really clear that this virus is transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces and items by hand, clothes and further touching your hand to your nose, mouth or eyes.

Also breathing the same air which contains the infected droplets from a positive patient. So you have to protect yourself by wearing a proper mask. You will get infected when you don’t wear mask and in a place which is closed or packed such as a lift.”
“people have to follow all the guidelines given to them sincerely and most importantly people have to increase their immunity.”

How can we increase our immunity?
“Try to be healthy even if you are stuck in home. Do exercise every day at home and walk in your house only, if anybody does yoga so always follow that and most important is to take Vitamin C you can either use tablets, lemon and orange but with proper peeling and also vitamin D3 – in tablets /sache or if you have a balcony then you can have early morning sunrays which is the best way to get D vitamin produced under your skin . Should not eat any uncooked vegetables such as salad and fruits which you cannot peel so avoid that most in this situation. Cooked food is the best. Also have good amounts of proteins in any form. Ultimately be Positive but be very careful.”

News Report by: Shikha Singh

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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