Mumbai: Mumbai Ngo Naata Foundation feel privileged to lead the ‘Baghbaan movement ‘with associates, Rotarians Friends of Dist 3141.


    Mumbai: Naata Foundation feel privileged to lead the Baghbaan movement with associates, friends Rotarians Friends of Dist 3141.

    Mumbai: Naata Foundation are privileged to have led the Baghbaan movement along with my associates, friends and my Rotarians friends of Dist 3141.

    Alongside Rotary Club, we are fortunate to get an opportunity to support our senior citizens with one monthb ration for the entire family members on the house.
    Their blessings will keep us inspire us to do good deeds for them as well for us.

    So far right from the day one of the Covid 19 induced lock down we have distributed more then 4lakhs packets of cook meals for daily wages workers, homeless people who are jobless due to Covid 19 pandemic,and in Aarey clusters for tribal families.

    We have also supported families with dry ration distribution with the help of friends and families.
    Still we the Naata family continuing with cooked food distribution to Home for the Aged home (where 120 inmates stay) homeless people under the Western Express Highway, tribal clusters of Aarey colony and many others places in Mumbai.

    I extend my gratitude to all our Co-Partners, friends and my Rotary family who are standing with us and helping us to carry out this small distribution to less fortunate people of our community.

    Our special thanks goes to Rtn Rajesh Chowdhary, Rtn Chetan Desai, and the entire Team of Project Baghbaan.
    This project wouldn’t not have been possible without the support and cooperation of our team leader Jayesh.

    News Input  by :  Rtn Anuja Saha

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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