Home Hello Womeniya Mumbai : Mumbai Professional women and NGO Founders share their experience amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown with “Hello Mumbai News”

Mumbai : Mumbai Professional women and NGO Founders share their experience amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown with “Hello Mumbai News”

Mumbai : Mumbai Professional women and NGO Founders share their experience amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown with “Hello Mumbai News”

Mumbai: Mumbai Professional women and NGO Founders share their experience amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown with Hello Mumbai News reporter Shikha Singh

Shikha Singh had long conversation with

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professors, therapists, neurologists, NGO Founder, Hi-Fi Professionals, Educationists and Corporators on their observations and views on crisis face by them during lockdown? How they are working from home? And what is their plan after unlockdown ?

Covid-19 has massively impacted in Mumbai the cases are escalating day by day. At this lockdown time people have been helping others and saving many lives. NGO’s have been working hard for the welfare of people without any expectations of rewards or benefits.

Ms.  Aarati Savur is CEO of Parisar Asha -Centre for Educational Research and Training, a Mumbai based non-profit organisation that supports schools to provide joyful 21st century learning system. She is endowed with a rich experience of 25 years in the field of education. Amid lockdown, 40 members of her NGO have been working for the poor and needy people.
Ms. Aarati Savur and her NGO members have online session.
While Interacting with Ms. Aarati Savur on phone call, she said “lockdown has a mixed feeling because, this is a time when we are working from home and I am into the education sector. I realised lot of challenges, but on the other side lockdown gave us immense opportunities to bond with the family. Actually people took to “Aathma Nirbhar”. It’s not all about lockdown but also about corona thrown anxiety and fear and I am very happy that we can do something constructive for the society. Hence, we extended our helpline number and our team are working from home much harder. We also extended our helpline number for covid-19 red zones keeping close tab on Dharavi.
She also added on issue related to education system, “we are having helpline number it’s a toll-free number which helps students. Parents related to academic, problem, mental, physical and financial problems may contact us easily. Our NGO is also associated with many lower income school groups to get into new way of learning. Also teachers are not used to it because some are not familiar with all applications on smart phone.”
She further claimed “I don’t think lockdown really locked me down. I realise I am saving so much money not shopping. This has made me realize the needs and wants of life, because our needs are minimum, while our wants are not. So this lockdown educated us to live in minimum thinking which infact is the best way of learning that anyone could have in the existing lockdown.”
About unlock of lockdown she said “after lockdown it will go in phases, we have to understand that threat and fear of corona has not gone, we have to follow certain restriction. After lockdown we can’t just move about freely, party and meet people. Life is not going to be same as it was. We have to take precaution after lockdown. Government can’t sit and handle us always. Now it’s up to us how to keep ourselves safe.”

Mrs. Ophelia Barreto

File picture of Mrs. Ophelia Barreto.

Mrs. Ophelia Barreto, Principal of Poddar International School  (SSC Board) discussed on lockdown and the experience she faced in lockdown.
Mrs. Ophelia Barreto says, “at the beginning of lockdown, there was little bit of discomfiture, but now things are moving gradually. Lockdown in summer was not a big deal, but after summer vacations we started online classes. Anywise students and parents are facing some problem with the device because its new for the students and parents to deal with it. but now things are getting into place. With the online classes our entire staff are working on that and conducting lectures regularly. After lockdown we will take care of precaution and guidelines framed by the government. Individual awareness is important now and everyone need to take care of themselves in the most efficient way to keep safe.”

Ms. Biindu Khurana
Ms. Biindu Khurana is a Numerologist.
Speaking to Hello Mumbai News reporter Shikha Singh on her lockdown experience she said, “for me lockdown instilled a major change because I m a person who travel lot for work and now, I can’t travel. I had to work for 8 to 9 with clients and take seminars and workshops in a day. But now in this 2 months I had to deal with more than nine hundred clients, I couldn’t do it otherwise. Government’s first priority is safety that is why lockdown was imposed. But yaa concept of management was not appropriate. “ I feel if we are alive then only there will be work. Government has done a sensible thing by unlocking the lockdown. I am in favour of it and because of that only we are in better position against other country.” After unlockdown I will probably get back to my work. I will also prioritise my health, my family as we live in Mumbai. We always keep running, but, this lockdown has however taught us to  be calm and give priority to our health. Maybe I will work but not in a hurry”.


Ms. Manisha Agrawal
Ms. Manisha Agrawal is a healing therapist and has helping people amid lockdown with her therapy.
Speaking to Hello Mumbai News she said, “I would say that lockdown was necessary because it’s a pandemic and government had no options than to go in for the lockdown. This lockdown has taught us to have patience. As a working woman we do face lot of problem but I started online session. If this kind of emergency comes in any country then each and ever citizen will suffer as there will be no difference between any people. On the other hand I started treating people online and providing medication.”

Sana Qureshi Women Entreprenuar.
In her conversation with Hello Mumbai News, Sana Qureshi while sharing her views explained how students and teachers face issue in conducting online class, but eventually they are learning a new technology. She further said , “initially it was very difficult to understand how to bring things at place because we used to work from morning 9 to 11 at night but slowly day by day get to know you can do many things at home like cooking, cleaning house. We watch Netflix’s with children and then war starts. I am into education so there is lot of webinar that gives me lot of time to catch up because at one point being in admin you don’t get chance to learn new things. I attended lot of webinar and learned many new things. When we started online classes, student faced problems to handle the application because we were not there to make them understand which is what? But after a week student got used to but internet also give tough times for us.”
About lockdown, she said Government wasn’t wrong in having imposed it. But the way they implemented the lockdown is not appropriate. No more lockdown now. Government should give a thought before announcing lockdown randomly. In city like Mumbai with much crowded slum, it is impossible to maintain social distance and sanitisation when people don’t even have basic necessity like water and toilet.” She ended her conversation with this, “after lockdown still social distancing will be part of my life and I will continue working on online session.”

, Beena presh   Doshi ,BJ P Corporator, even as interacting with Hello Mumbai News speaks about her work and experience during this lockdown and shares her views towards this pandemic situation.
Beena said “we helped BMC to sanitize and provide everything for the senior citizen who stay alone in city. Many people and Trusts also  urged forward to support us. There are approximately eighteen members who get divided into small groups in different areas. What we are doing is a thankless job. We work for people’s welfare.”

Ms. Anuja Saha, President, Naata Foundation speaking to Hello Mumbai News on her experience in field of welfare said
First of all, “lockdown is bad for country as all are suffering. But one positive thing with this negative virus is that we Indian are positive towards each other. Management working on lockdown must be more purposeful in organizing. Mumbai is beset with several problems. Yet, we Mumbaikars say we are safe. The problem brewed when migrant labours started migrating. Government could have taken them into consideration and told them that they will take care of all of them. I think this scenario wouldn’t have come. I am working for all tribals and labourers . I’m into education system and I’m associated with them and since last 12 years I am working for them to provide proper knowledge. Some of my members who all are divided into groups help them in different aspects. In this lockdown there are many people working with us but there is one person who is my director’s coordinator of villages and rural areas and now he is working for people.”
She added, “Now the biggest challenge we have to face is rainy season which is not far off. For people who are homeless, we have created a house for them at least to stay during night. We don’t have any government support for helping all the tribal community and labourers.

News Report by: Shikha Singh

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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