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Mumbai: Noida Social Entreprenuer Lata Chauhan, An Angel For Many, Shares her professional journey with Hello Mumbai News

Mumbai: Noida Social Entreprenuer Lata Chauhan, An Angel For Many, Shares her professional journey with Hello Mumbai News


News Report by Deepika Singh Masih:  (Delhi NCR Head) : 

(Mumbai: Born on May 05, 1976, Lata Chauhan having degrees of B.Com & MBA in Finance is National President, Young Women Mora, Shri Rashtriya Kshahi Miyasabha, National Secretary General, Mahila Mora, Indian Chisan Yachunyan-Ara Sachavatri, Founders and spokespersons, multi-cultural, Pavu Pradesh President (Uttar Pradesh), National Kshatraya Mahasena.
Lata was awarded a letter of honor by the Indian Namo Sangh Secretariat of All India Institute of Pediatrics and Child Health Sciences (AIIPPHS). She was also honored by Shri Rashtriya Kshatriya Mahasabha with a letter of honor. She is also certified with Corona Warrior Certificate awarded by the Defense Safety Foundation (Bharat Raksha Parivar). Swami Chavvi Anand Chaksha Ratna Parusar by Bharat Chavis Achbhayan Rust Chaksha Shiksha Ratna by Shri Rashtriya Kshatriya Mahasabha, Lucknow and SR Group Institute of Education, Lucknow Shri Rashtriya Kshatriya Mahasabha, Manpuri for social service. She was awarded by Social activities and contributions during the Masha India Matner Awards 2019 by the Masha World Foundation. Rang de Basanti Chola award on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day in Gurugram Haryana by Young India Organization, Sixteen Sutan Gaurav Awards during the program, Introduction to personal abilities, lifestyle and temperament Prachthavani is a very easy-going, patient-minded woman who has made her mark in the society through her social media. And has created an attractive image Orphans are always poor, orphaned, needy, poor, destitute, uneducated, destitute, and destitute.
It is important for the upliftment of the disabled people Promises spread in the predominant society such as three divorces, minor assistance has been provided to girls who have been raped, dowry system and other forms of child abuse.
Prathavani addressed the National President of Shri Kshatriya Mahasabha, Yuva Machhala Mohavi National President and Indian Chisan Yachunyan Arajita.
While holding the post of Secretary General, she also played a major role in social affairs and society.
Welfare rights have been given to Ajna some of the following are listed below: –
Arrangement and distribution of daily meals for daily workers during the three lodges was made by her.
Almost every day during the Corona epidemic, there are paralyzed people, paralyzed workers, widows and needy people. Sakhu ration distribution, Bimbal Chavatran Achbhayan, Noida
Tree Planting Expedition, Noida
Awareness campaign about Beti Bachao Beti Padao through social media
Clean City Awareness Campaign, Noida and Lucknow
Bahubasao Sanskrit Biao Achbhayan, Chadalli, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Punjab
Education Materials Chavatran Achbhayan, Gachjayabad
Organizing free ophthalmology clinics, Vila, Chajla Banda, Uttar Pradesh
Free medical care for mentally retarded and paralyzed children, Lucknow, Lucknow
Vastra Chavatran Achbhayan, Noida Mare Jaan Chatranga (15 Kilometers Long Chatranga)
Chadham Awareness Campaign (via social media on individual), Haryana and Uttar Pradesh
Family background
She was born in a village near Manesar, Haryana Prathavani received his education in Chadalli Pradesh. Gachjayabad Uttar Pradesh is also the home of a middle class business family. The family has always been a part of the BJP. He has been living with the four streams and has always been actively cooperating in philanthropy and social welfare activities.
Slums near Nandagram, Gachziabad during natural calamities like Corona infection (Chochwad 19)
Arrangements for feeding 500 to 700 people daily during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd downs in the villages and three
She often distributed the necessary rations to the needy. For the sake of the priesthood and the organization of the warrior warriors
The letters of commendation were read aloud.
As a member of the Best Parliamentary Award 2019 organized by Fame India Magazine was achieved.
Free Eye Care at Sacha Rashtriya Kshatriya Mahasabha, Banda, Uttar Pradesh courtesy Segram Lamba Organizations which benefited around 5 villages. To give justice to the women against the harassment and abuse being perpetrated by the in-laws on the women in the country.
For the sake of a multi-cultural organization Chadhan-Muchuslam, Uneducated-Chakshat, Chavvachat. Of course, every family also needs help from the victims
Shri Rashtriya Chhatraya at the national level against the atrocities committed against 3 year old innocent girl in Aligarh.
Courtesy of the General Assembly
Motherhood Leadership Tea
“Dead Janachatranga Achbhayan” (15 km long Indian National Flag) in Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Co-led tea with long national flags or world roads.
Courtesy Cell of Indian Chisan Yachunyan Arajita (Secretary)


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