Mumbai: Pratiti Lochan Gupta, President, Inner Wheel Club, Amroha Sargam, Distt-310 speaks to Hello Mumbai News on her experience and activities amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

    picture of Mask  sanitizer Distribution.
    Picture of Sanitizer Tunnel.
    IWC Forest Project.
    Tricycle Distribution to Handicapped.

      Teacher’s Day Celebrations picture.

    Inner Wheel Club  District  310 Service Project Update  :

    Mumbai: While speaking with Hello Mumbai News, Pratiti Lochan Gupta, President, Inner Wheel Club, Amroha Sargam, Distt-310 says
    “We have done a lot of projects amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown by sending Greetings Certificates to our club members and City Doctors who are fighting against COVID -19 pandemic”.

    The Members of the Inner Wheel Club Amroha SARGAM donated
    a Sanitizing Tunnel to District Hydel Department with a “Motto” to help the Visitors who enter the office, spray sanitiser on their clothes and body and exposed surfaces.

    Notably, the Club had also distributed 500 sanitizers and 1,000 masks to various places in the city…
    The also sponsored Education support to Orphans and Old people.
    and also explained the importance of education to older. They also distributed copy pencil and also provided food items to women.

    IWC also undertook distribution of tricycles for the differently differently-disabled..elderly people fired from the job and gave one month of ration water..

    Under the awareness campaign, they spread messages on.saving water, saving trees, saving environment and educating women, saving daughters and avoid singlehand plastic as a responsible and on humanitarian grounds and by caring for women
    and girl

    The Club also provided the required necessities required for the marriage of a financially weak girl was provided by the club, with ₹ 11000 cash.

    As part of Water Conservation
    Pokhars were built for water investment in the village adopted by the Club last year under water conservation, whose maintenance work is also being done by the club this year.

    Infact, IWC Forest was carried out by her and done by her and other members and planted more than 100 different types of plants

    About Pratiti Lochan Gupta,

    Although she couldn’t get much love from her father as he bid adieu when she was young. But her mother with grand mother showed the courage and strength and raised her. They nurtured her and taught the value of self respect and self esteem.

    Her father- in- law always insisted on her to keep on adding knowledge and hence she continued her studies even after marriage. She had completed her Post-Graduation in Psychology after marriage. She had even done One year computer course and even did NTTC.

    In the leisure time she loves to spend time in kitchen and try new dishes. For her whatever nature has given you have to give it back to nature.
    Because of this, she takes part in many social causes and loves to shoulder any responsibility which is helpful to her to make her more socio-responsible person.

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