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Mumbai Solo Travel Blogger Darshana Doshi gives five reasons why opt for Glacier Tour In New Zealand

Mumbai Solo Travel Blogger Darshana Doshi gives five reasons why opt for Glacier Tour In New Zealand
  1. Newzealand has 3144 glaciers out of which some are so easily accessible that you can go for a day hike.   Franz Joseph and Fox glaciers are the most accessible and convenient glaciers in the world  due to its temperate  climate at a  low altitude. They are two of three glaciers in the world that are descending into temperate rainforest zone, making them unique. While other glaciers around the world are receding , the Fox and Franz Joseph still flow almost to sea level.   The areas surrounding the two glaciers is part of Te Wahipounamu , a world heritage site.

2. There are several guided tours available to go to both the glaciers where you are provided with crampons, trekking pole and snow glasses  that makes the walk easy . Though it is not difficult to walk with crampons , one must adapt to it before starting. Do book the tour in advance.  The good news is that anyone with moderate fitness and stamina can take the hike, that lasts for eight hours with a lunch break of packed meal.   However in the absence of toilets, if you have a good bladder control, you will do better .But not to worry as in case of emergency, the tour guide will help.

3. Depending on your  spirit of adventure , you can choose between  Franz and Fox glaciers. The less adventurous ones can walk on the flat terrain of  Franz  Joseph which gets crowded also for  the same reason.  In case if you want more, take  nearby hikes towards Alex Knob and Robert’s Point that climb up the steep valley sides giving you the  spectacular views of the glacier from a higher vantage point. Many choose Franz  because the  town  has a buzz having  several cafeterias. But if you are seeking solitude and exploration in the  wild  of Nature, then head towards Fox which has a quiet town.

  1. At Fox glacier we can get a glimpse of the blue glacial ice which one doesn’t get to see so easily. It is so blue because the dense ice of the glacier absorbs every other colour of the spectrum except blue. Antartica is the only place on Earth with these incredible stretches of blue ice. Glacial ice mostly looks white since it is worn from exposure. It can also look black and brown from the rock and debris picked up by the ice in its journey down the mountains.

  1. Last but not the least one must take up the Fox glacier tour as when you reach the top, the view comprising of waterfalls on one side and snow on the other side, is spectacular and one of its kind.   Those who cannot walk with crampons , can take the helicopter ride. The open hot Jacuzzi in your hotel premises is the reward  one gets for this  labor of love. So do’t miss!!

Other glaciers which one can hike in Newzealand are French Ridge Hut, Rob Roy Glacier, My Cook National Park, Tasmania etc.

Best time to visit :Between November and February

Cost of the day tour Rs 5000 to 8000 Approx

Brief Introduction:

Darshana Doshi has been a freelance Journalist, Editor and a Travel writer. She has travelled  over 35  countries and to go everywhere is on her list. She can be reached at https://www.darshanadoshi.com    AND    https://www.youtube.com/@dare15ful


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