Mumbai: Udita Sharma, Business Entrepreneur and District Chairman Inner Wheel Club, Dist 311, steps forward to support needy people. shares her vivid experience amid Covid-19 lockdown.

    Picture of charity projects.

    Excerpts of the exclusive interview with Udita Sharma District Chairman Inner Wheel Club 311 

    Neha Singh:  Hi Mam, Welcome to Hello Mumbai News. Hope you are safe and sound and doing fine.
    At the outset, may we take the privilege to congratulate you for being the District Chairman of district 311.
    We request you to please share your vision and plans for 2020-21 towards the development of your District.
    Udita Sharma: Hi Neha.Let me personally thank you for your greetings.This year, we are focusing on water harvesting, health and safety. Our aim is to achieve the goal of the Association, “HOPE and to Lead The Change”
    H-Health and hygiene
    O-Old People and Orphans
    P- Patriotism
    E- Environment

    Besides this, we will set our eyes on environment and many other worthy projects.
    Neha Singh: Mam Could you please highlight something about charity and social work carried out by you amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown lockdown?
    Udita Sharma: Yes. Amid Covid-19 pandemic, we planted 8000 plants in 5 Inner Wheel Forest and developed 1000 oxygen parks with 12000 plants. We also initiated the E waste Bank for Unused product. Collected and Distributed Electronic Gadgets in working condition to needy ones.We also parted with Android phones to poor students to attend online classes.

    And amid lockdown, we handed over 5000 PPE kits,5,00,000 masks, 500 oximeter, 1000 Ltr Sanitizer, 25 Sanitizing machines, 200 Ton Ration kits and One dead body Refrigerator to needy people.
    In Jhansi / Agra/Orai we distributed food to 500 immigrants for two months. Over and above, we are working on several projects.
    Neha Singh: Mam,what type of challenges you have faced during this lockdown?
    Udita Sharma:  Wow! World wide changes were observed at the time of lock down which hampered day-to-day working of human kind . There were multiple things to be taken care off, defining new ways of living and getting accustomed to it fast. Movement were fully restricted as no body could step out.
    As District Chairman , that situation was crucial for me and I had to plan everything differently according to the prevailing situations. That was a test of us to keep our HOPE ALIVE……and not to be distressed or sad. Because we were innocent victims of something , beyond our control.
    Let’s not feel guilty of something, we are not responsible. This gave me strength to move ahead with positive notes, patience and prayers while keeping myself and my colleagues safe & fit.
    Neha Singh: Mam,  Can you please share your lockdown experience with us?
    Udita Sharma : Well, for me in the beginning, it was very shocking because all planning had failed. After I realized that this the opportunity, we started conducting webinars on several topics such as mental heath, hygiene, nutrition, and covered many more topics.

    In fact in these months we have established six new Inner Wheel Clubs and inducted almost 300-400 women members of Inner Wheel District 311.
    Neha Singh: Mam, can you throw some light on your district, how many clubs come under you and how many states and cities are there?
    Udita Sharma: Neha, frankly speaking, District 311 covers a vast comprehensive states from Nanital to Agra such as Vrindavan, Kashipur, Rampur,Kanpur and many districts. Basically there are 90 clubs in district 311 and there are approximately 3000 members.
    Neha Singh : Mam are you confident that all the service projects will be succeed during the tough time?
    Udita Sharma : Yes, absolutely quite confident because after doing projects we are getting absolute positive response. I am 100% sure that in last few months of 2020, we will definitely cover all projects. Everyone is confident that they can complete the project and have desired results.
    Neha Singh: Mam, do you wish to make any appeal to our viewers?
    Udita Sharma : Personally, I would say people who are coming forward to help needy and they should encourage other people to do the same.
    Neha  Singh: Mam, Thank you so much for giving your precious and valuable time to us.
    Udita Sharma : My Pleasure Neha, it’s always nice to share and encourage. Thank you for the interview.

    Brief Introduction of Udita Sharma:

    Udita Sharma is ​​focused, tolerant, target oriented, well organized and versatile. She has done Masters in Organic Chemistry and is a Gold Medalist in MBA Finance.She is a Business Entrepreneur dealing in Chemicals and Fabrication.
    Her main projects are Vande Mataram motivating people for Swadeshi and many more
    She introduced Inner Wheel Golden Impact Rally , under HEALTH project and motivated members to walk indoor or outdoor daily. They were motivated more when observed generating of funds by simply walking and burning calories.
    Three months long festival of fitness and kindness.


    The proceeds incurred at every step walked & jogged through the League, will be used for a cause. According to her “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

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