Home Hello Womeniya Mumbai: UK based Roshni Thakrar passionate lawyer committed to philanthropy and to serve others speaks to Hello Mumbai News UK Correspondent Kamal Prabhakar

Mumbai: UK based Roshni Thakrar passionate lawyer committed to philanthropy and to serve others speaks to Hello Mumbai News UK Correspondent Kamal Prabhakar

Mumbai: UK based  Roshni Thakrar passionate lawyer committed to philanthropy and to serve others speaks to Hello Mumbai News UK Correspondent Kamal Prabhakar

News Input by Kamal Prabhakar UK Head Hello Mumbai News :

Hello Mumbai London Desk :

Meet Roshni Thakrar, a passionate lawyer committed to philanthropy, serving others, and trying to make the world a better place. After all, the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others, as Mahatma Gandhi famously said.
By way of background, Roshni graduated in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008 and entered one of the most challenging employment markets, where having good grades, doing pro bono and strong work experiences were not enough. Law firms were changing the way they approached recruitment in response, with firms deferring trainee solicitor places, reducing numbers, and overall, heightened competition in an already challenging, saturated, and competitive marketplace.
But Roshni was undeterred, determined, and steadfast in her commitment to qualifying as a solicitor. She had worked so hard to get where she was and had promised herself that she would use her learnings and experiences to help others on their journey, be it through one-to-one mentoring or career talks to students. Alongside trying to build her career, voluntary work has always been a huge part of Roshni’s life. She has been part of the congregation at the ISKCON temple in Watford for the last 15 years, serving in the Communications Team. As part of this, Roshni hosts high profile VIPs and media guests, including the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, the BBC, and Channel 4.
In addition, Roshni is the Secretary of the Young Lohana Society (YLS) North London and has always taken an active lead in organising numerous social events with a focus on education and spirituality. One of the events that stand out most to Roshni is the careers fair. Passionate about supporting young people to find out what inspires them and decide what careers they may wish to pursue, Roshni was proud to have project managed two very successful careers fairs, free to attend for hundreds of families. Roshni’s large personal network meant that she was able to organise these events, bringing together professionals from over 30 different vocations, many of whom also shared their personal journeys through TED talk style presentations. In addition to offering ongoing support to YLS team members, she also co-led numerous events, from the first kids Diwali to painting events.
However, like most of us across the globe, for Roshni, 2020 was a year filled with challenges, both personally and professionally, but also a period for reflection and growth. Having started a new role at a city law firm just days before England entered its first national COVID-19 lockdown in March, and having to get to grips with adapting working styles to fit a virtual setting where Zoom quickly became the norm, in August, Roshni was told that she was being let go. Shocked and not expecting the news, Roshni took some time to reflect.
In this time, Roshni decided to channel her energy into podcasting (which had been of interest to her for years) and created a new series on Spotify called Prim Rose Light: a podcast aiming to cultivate a conscious community and often, with a spiritual underpin. Each week, Roshni is joined by a special guest to discuss various topical topics ranging from climate change; to meditation, health, and wellness; to the UK educational sector and how we are faring internationally. Roshni’s podcasts continue to be available for all to access and is developing traction, most recently being shared on the Bank of England intranet, which was a huge honour!
Roshni believes all of life’s accomplishments, blessings and challenges are always the grace of God, and thanks everyone in her life who has helped shape her into the person she is. She would especially like to thank her mother, Mayuri Thakrar, who has always

File picture of Roshni Thakrar.

been her guiding light.
Roshni now works in-house as a Legal Adviser at a FTSE 100 company and continues to produce podcasts for Prim Rose Light so please do check these out at: https://open.spotify.com/show/1yQziKY2WpxmQtw09PtLrS?si=5RnEO1oFTGGnmzfdz3afNQ

Roshni is involved with a number of climate change initiatives” as she sees this as one of the biggest and existential challenges we face.”


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