Home Hello Womeniya Nitu Singh Delhi based Business Entrepreneur Founder Soulscents Global Pvt Ltd shares her Entrepreneurial journey on International Women’s Day

Nitu Singh Delhi based Business Entrepreneur Founder Soulscents Global Pvt Ltd shares her Entrepreneurial journey on International Women’s Day

Nitu Singh Delhi based Business  Entrepreneur Founder Soulscents Global Pvt Ltd shares her Entrepreneurial journey on International Women’s Day


Accept Happy Women’s Day from Hello Mumbai News.com Team :

Each year, Hello Mumbai News takes the privilege to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th to propagate and recognize women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements through featuring stories on their successful journey in their field and to call for gender equality

This is with a goal to raise awareness about the need to end gender-based violence, promote women’s leadership, celebrate their contributions, promote entrepreneurs, startups and advocate for women’s economic empowerment around the World.

In Honour of International Women’s Day We, Hello Womeniya.com Team took an Exclusive Interview of Nitu Singh Delhi based Business woman Entrepreneur and founder of Soulscents Global Pvt Ltd

We hope her story’ will inspire one and all.
So guys read on :

Hello Mumbai News: Could you Introduce yourself for our readers.

Nitu Singh: I am a certified perfumer and a passionate Chandler. I have been handcrafting candles since 2013. Have been making it under the trade mark of Scentiments Global.

Hello Mumbai News what Inspired to start your Business.

Nitu Singh: I took it as a hobby initially, then realized candle making gives you lot of opportunity to explore your creative mind. When I started I hired 2 women workers who were very curious and needy. This job gave them the sense of fulfillment. It sparked the idea of having women work force.

Hello Mumbai News : what Challenges have you faced as a Woman Entrepreneur and how did you overcome them.
Nitu Singh: The entrepreneurs journey is always challenging. But as a woman the challenge is always bit extra, you need to worry a lot about work life balance. It’s very tough for a women to avail loan facilities. The questionnaire designed for availing loan is not women friendly.
So a lot of time I went through financial crisis. I overcame it by getting help from friends and family.

Hello Mumbai News :Tell Something about your Start-up and how people can benefit from it.
Nitu Singh :  Soulscents Global Pvt Ltd is ever growing and we are into white lable manufacturing since the beginning. We are making candles and home fragrances for more than 60 brands now. We sit with each brand and help them figure out the anesthetics of there candle along with that we also help them by making their customised fragrances. Which keep them distinct and different from other brands in market.

Hello Mumbai News : where Does your Inspiration come from.
Nitu Singh: Inspiration cannot come from just one source, I have a big dream which inspire me a lot.
I have one of the best Business Coach Mr Suresh Mansharamani. Who keeps me motivated. My manifestation coach Ms Uma Mansharamani who help me check my thoughts and reactions.
I have a wonderful team of women worker and each of them inspire me to do good every single day.
I have 2 kids who motivates me to walk towards my dream.

Hello Mumbai News : Do you feel that in India there are enough structures and facilities put in place to assist women to expand their Startup Journey.

Nitu Singh I am not sure about this as far as I have experienced, the structure and facilities are only seem to be in papers, the reality is different. The structure has to be built and run by women so there is a deep understanding and bonding of sisterhood. Which is definitely lacking.

Hello Mumbai News : What advice would you give to someone who are aspiring Women Entrepreneur

Nitu Singh  :If someone wants to be an entrepreneur should have lot of gritt to sustain the adversities. There will be hundreds of failures to teach you the lessons. You should be ready to learn from them. The determination has to be galactic. If you have these you must start now. Now is the right time.
Hello Mumbai News :How you balance your professional and personal life

Nitu Singh: I know one thing for sure, either I can be comfortable or successful. My priority is to be successful. Balance in life brings lot of comfort. So right now my focus is not to think much about balance.

Hello Mumbai News: What women  Inspire you.

Nitu Singh : I am definitely inspired by hard working woman who are best in their respective industry. They must be doing something extraordinary to be where they are.
When you come across any woman. They are heroes of their own. They all have a beautiful inspiring story to motivate you. I come across them every day. They are my team.

Hello Mumbai News: Tell something about your vision and mission to promote your Startup.

Nitu Singh: My vision is to list my company in IPO to reach a minimum of 5000 crore company.
Employ minimum 1000 women in next 5 years and proudly tell the world that what they have in their hand is made in INDIA and by WOMEN.

Hello Mumbai News:Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you..

Nitu Singh: Readers can always connect with me email- [email protected]
[email protected]

Hello Mumbai News:What’is your message on International Women’s Day.

Nitu Singh: On women’s day my say is if you are in a position to help any woman then help by giving them the emotional support. Even if she is just your house help. That works like magic and inspire them to learn more and get them the basic education, which boosts there confidence many fold.

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