Rashmi Rai Scotland Social Entrepreneur and Mrs Scotland Universe 2019 in UK shares her Candid views on UK becomes 1st country to induce covid 19 vaccine in the world

Rashmi Rai  Scotland Social  Entrepreneur and Mrs Scotland Universe 2019 in UK shares her Candid views on UK becomes 1st country to induce covid 19 vaccine in the world
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News Input by Kamal Prabhakar Uk Head Hello Mumbai News :

UK becomes 1st country to induce covid 19 vaccine in the world :
The Long awaited news on vaccine for wuhan virus has finally arrived and brings much relief to the citizens of UK. A great initiative and work done by the UK Govt. for its people. The biggest relief to our frontline staff like hospitals – nurses, doctors, receptions, elderly, children and adults. UK being one of the most developed countries in the world is now protecting its people to get immunised from this deadly covid virus.
Currently, three vaccines are approved – 1 is approved and started for use and 2 others in pipeline for regulatory approvals and others in phase of 3rd trials
However, the pandemic is likely to stay for some more time, the virus is likely to stay around us for more time. Viruses take time to disappear, there are repeated waves of viruses before they extinguish. Vaccine is just one weapon in this fight.
History –
Let’s understand this from History where there have been many pandemics in past.
To start with – The great Plague of Marseille France( 1721), The Cholera pandemic – 1817-1824(7 years), The third plague pandemic – 1855-1960(105 years), The Spanish Flu or 1918 Flu Pandemic – Jan1918 – 1920, The Asian Flu – 1957-1958, SARS – 2002-2004(21st Century), HIV – 1981 (40 years and no vaccine), Wuhan Virus (2019)
Cholera is considered to be The Forgotten Pandemic but it isn’t. People in high income countries think cholera to be 19th century disease but it never went away and still exists in poor countries.
As per Mckinsey report – USA will achieve herd immunity on Corona virus by end of 2021 and it will take at least an year for the pandemic to end
Small pox vaccine discovered by Edward Jenner was the one to eradicate small pox completely. It took 184 years to create vaccine for small pox. Science and technology have advanced a lot. Still there are so many considerations like production, distribution, administration of vaccines to right the place the right time in right condition.
Coming to the Wuhan virus vaccine the present situation is how long vaccine immunity will last? So if vaccine effects lasts for 1 or 2 years the virus is suppressed or has no effect but what are the after effects. This is still unknown. Even if vaccine is induced, the effects are only temporarily to reduce the impact of virus. As per Mckinsey report there are still some considerations or studies to be done for effects on Children under 18 years of age. Will the transmissions be stopped, as the virus is asymptomatic in many cases and now mutant coming up from the virus.
This virus is now across the world. It is transmitted from animals to humans. It is transmitted through air, surfaces, shipments, airplane. So immunization is very important for sizable population to reduce the deadly effect of virus.
There are 195 countries in the world and only 11 countries have not found the wuhan virus. There are 7.7 billion people living in this world. For 2 shots we need 15 billion doses to be manufactured.
India supplies 60% of the vaccine to the developing world. The Serum Institute of Pune is largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world and the CEO of the company has said that it will take around 4-5 years to get vaccine for all the people on this planet.
More than 10 billion doses have been ordered. 27 member states of EU have already ordered along with 5 rich countries including UK have ordered half of it which accounts for 13% of global population.
The pre-ordered doses for countries are Canada – 9 doses, USA- 7+ doses, UK-5+ doses, Australia – 5+ doses, EU- 4+ doses, Japan- 2+ doses
There are people who are not willing to take this vaccine but that is only very few in numbers. So still large number is in demand and the supply is still not enough to cope up with the demand.

Will the pandemic end? The wuhan virus will mutate, as of now its slow. So are we going to be immunized with this mutant virus as well.
Wuhan virus may become a respiratory virus can be a possibility. It can be like a seasonal flu
Vaccine might not eradicate the virus but a shot may become less dangerous.
So far it’s found in animals like tigers, lions, minks and bats
So in 2021:
We still need wear masks and maintain social distancing
Restaurants and bar restrictions will still need to be maintained
Offices and Businesses will still continue to work from home
Vacations and holidays will need to be hold by according to circumstances
So we need to learn to live with it. We have to increase our immunity by natural resources available.
Vaccines will only help to reduce the effects of flu and corona viruses.

Brief Introduction of Rashmi Rai :

Rashmi Rai is prestigious title holder of Mrs Scotland Universe 2019 in UK, Director AlVirago Ltd, professionally with over 13 years of experience in Supply Chain Management & Project Management roles in UK & India. She is a Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, Business Leader, Social Activist, and Model. She is passionate about Environment, Women & Youth Empowerment and Fashion.
Rashmi Rai is founder Director of AlVirago Ltd, Chairperson of Ladies of All Nations International(Scotland) focusing on empowering and inspiring each other & continue to build our positive growth in society, Country Director Scotland – International Youth Society focussing on UN SDG goals, Council Member of UK India Business Council of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) to strengthen women’s entrepreneurship and boosts businesses through greater engagement with government, institutions and global trade, Scotland Ambassador-International Human Rights & Crime Control Organisation (India)
Rashmi Rai’s AlVirago Ltd is Organizer/Coordinator of Events- Royal Bank of Scotland, Fashion show & Awards, Campaigns- Voice Against Inhumanity focusing on Domestic Violence, Allergy Awareness, part of projects like Save the Girl Child, Educate the Girl child in collaboration with Social organisation Scottish Indian Mahila Cultural Centre (SIMCC) and Scottish Councils of Scotland. Personally, raised funds for different Organisations like Keto for human trafficking, National Health Services(UK), The Indian Council of Scotland in collaboration with Consulate General(India) in Edinburgh, Aberlour Scotland’s Children’s Charity & Campaigns, Sight Savers, UNHCR.
Rashmi Rai is a multi-award winner for her services towards humanity. Top 10 Most Influential Indian Women 2019 in House of Lords(UK Parliament), Mahatma Gandhi Global Peace Award-2020(MGGPF-India), Human Excellence Award by International Human Rights & Crime Control Organisation(India), The Best Humanitarian award in Scotland by ELS Edification Plus UK, She Inspires Me 2020 (UK), 100 Most Glamorous Women in The World by Elite International Beauties.
Rashmi Rai has been a motivational Speaker on various platforms like Global Trade Chambers (USA), The Human Rights Council of America (Chicago), Koral Desk by Ragne Sinikas (Mexico), Lead Global Foundation (USA), National Human Rights Commission (India), Ladies of All Nations International (UK), Radio Shows (UK), African Leadership Forum 2020, Charity Events. She is featured in Global magazines and newspapers like World Class Beauty Magazine, Drum Chapel event (UK), Aapki Sehat, Vanshdhara, London Fashion Week, Confluence Bharat Conclave Award event in UK Parliament.
Rashmi Rai has been in leadership roles since childhood in School, College and then career. She has received her B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from Nagpur University, MBA from BITM (Pune), Certified in Supply Chain Management from Chalmers University of Technology-USA, Child Protection & Hinduism from Harvard University.


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