Rotarly Club of Bombay Mahakali Heights president Gurdeep Bhamra Babli celebrates Independence Day with Slum Children


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    Hello Mumbai City Desk : 

    Rotary Club of Bombay Mahakali Heights (RCBMH) celebrated independence day with slum children at the Vocational Centre of Society for human and environmental development (SHED), located at Mahakali road. Flag hoisting was done With cheif guest our own Rtn Sameer Vijaykumar.The function was organised by Gurdeep Bhamra ,Bali President ,Rotary Club of Bombay Mahakali Heights.Dis 3141.

    Gurdeep Bhamra  ,Babli a well social Entreprenuer and associated with Rotary Club Dist 3141 .Currently she is president Rotary Club of Bombay Mahakali Heights  .Speaking on he same she affirmed that, “i am delighted to be able to come here and organised such a wonderful event for these  slum Childrens  here .Covid 19 May have to put a pause on the world but when to meet them ,you can determine that it has not put a pause on their desire to study,to learn and to thrive .Today they are an inspiration for the entire country and the best way to meet them was on the occasion of Independence Day “.

    Rotary Club of Bombay Mahakali Heights has been working for the upliftement and welfare for the society.This club done many charity projects  Such as women Empowerement ,to promote Women Entreprenuership and charity Drive during this difficlut time of Covid 19 under the guidance of president Gurdeep Bhamra ,Babli.






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